Broadband Services In INDIA Full Information In Depth

Broadband Service In INDIA
In the terms of broadband it is refers to any type of transmission technique that can carries several data channel over the common wire DSL services For Example.combines separate voice and data channel over a signal telephone line In DSL modem voice fills the low end of frequency spectrum and data fills the high end.

In our home networking "broadband" usually refers to High speed INTERNET access by using this transmission technique.Both DSL modem are cable modem that are common broadband in INTERNET TECHNOLOGY.So they are also known as broadband routers and Broadband modems are network devices that can support to both DSL and cable modems.

To qualify as a broadband Internet service the technology can should as a general guideline support network bandwidth of at least 256 Kbps in the one direction.

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is the set of standards for Broadband network connectivity over a normal telephone lines.The Following leading companies provide broadband  services in INDIA :

::1:: BSNL Broadband : It is the most popular Landline broadband service provider in India with 20 Millions Customer and it is also known as Dataone.

::2:: Airtel Broadband : When it is launch its broadband service then it can become India’s First Fixed Line Service Provider of Wireless Broadband service for Residential Customers.and Now this Service Provider have 38 Million Customers.

::3:: Reliance Broadband :  Its Services are considered in to be one of the best ISP in INDIA.and it is also known as Reliance Communication. and it have 15 Million Customers.

::4:: MTNL Broadband :  MTNL can Launched its broadband services in India specially in Metropolitan City Like Delhi,Mumbai,Chennai and Kolkata and Now it have 1M customers.

::5:: Vodafone :  It is also known as India’s Fastest  Internet Service with 28M Customers.

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before you pay while offering wireless broadband services.
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