Domain Name System- DNS Full Information In Depth

Domain Name System (DNS) is a distribute database system that can translating computers names like into a numeric IP addresses like and vice versa. Domain Name System (DNS) is an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) that have standard name service that allows your computer to register and resolve domain names.

A Domain name is that way to identify the locate computers connected to the Internet. No Two Organization can have the same type of domain name.A domain name always contains two or more component that is separated by a period called “dots”.

In the fact it is very simple to draw a parallel example of this addressing scheme. There are million of millions telephone in the world yet each phone has been assigned a different type of number. For each and every phone number the combination of country code like +1 of USA. area code and phone number is unique. as Similarly each computer on Internet that can be identified by its her unique IP address so it is called Host Address.

Numeric Computer IP Address

Hello Friends IP addresses are in the format of that is where each xxx is the number from 0 to 255.IP Addresses identify the host computers so that packet of information reach the correct computer.You may have to type IP addresses and when you configure your computer for connection to the Internet. then the IP Address has the following characteristics in common :

1. IP addresses are unique.
2. No two machine can have the same IP number.
3. IP addresses are also global and standardized.
4. All machines connected to the Internet can agree to use that the same scheme for establishing an address.

For Example the MTNL server at Washington that has an IP address of where the left hand octet “202” represent the largest network and the rightmost octet “5” describe the actual network. Commonly used the worldwide non-geographical domain types are shown in the image below.

This was done by adding a two-letter abbreviation of every country in the World. as specified by the International Standard Organisation that is (ISO).as a suffix to the Full Qualified Domain Name like (FQDN).A FQDN is a complete DNS name.

For example is the a fully qualified domain name. Here

1. www is the host
2. is the second-level domain, and
3. it is the top level domain. A FQDN always starts with a host name and continues all the
way up to the top-level domain name,so is also a FQDN.
An Example of the Fully Qualified Domain Name(FQDN) of a Computer located in India is:

In this case, www is the name of the host in the is domain.

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