How World Wide Web Works ? -Full guide

World Wide Web- WWW : How it Work ?-Full guide

The World Wide Web (WWW) is an Internet Service it is based on a common set of protocol which can allows a particularly configured server computer to distribute the document across the Internet in a standard way. This Web standard allows programs on many different computer platforms (such as Unix, Windows 95,Windows 98,Windows xp, Windows 7/8/10 and the Mac OS) to properly format and display on the information server. These Type of programs are called Web browsers.

The World Wide Web-WWW (usually just referred to as “the web”) is a collection of millions of files stored on thousands of computer (called Web Server)all over around the world. These files represent text document, picture, video, sounds, program, interactive environment and  just about any other kind of information that has ever been recorded in computer files.

WWW : How it can Work ?

The WWW is an example of advance client-server technology. In which The Internet user can using a software known as Web Browser requested a document located on the web. The browser makes the request to the Internet Host containing that document. To put it differently the browser acts like a customer or a client and request for the information and it is thus called the web server.

The Flow of information of course is controlled by a protocol. The protocol used in this exchange is called Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). The Client or user or Web browser marked an HTTP request and it is served by an HTTP server it is also known as Web Server.

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