What is Internet and How Internet Work full Information

What is Internet and How Internet Work ?

Internet is defined as world global 'Network' over a millions of small heterogeneous computer or laptop networks.Internet is the similar language where dissimilar computers with the various operating systems are able to communicate with each and other person using a different type of standard setup of protocols or Rules.

The Internet is spin a web by Inter connectivity all over around Globe It can grows literally by hours in US and India.Inside India things do seem can improving.Now the Country Government monopoly system is largely Over By Dozen of small to large ISP's Internet Service Providers can have to setup shop By triggering price war and improvement of the Service.Users and People can Today Estimated at over 90 Millions with the growth predicted to reach 200 Millions in next Six Years Small Internet Kiosks and Rural Networks can have to setup even in small towns and the Country's Government mean Both Central and State are have to Push for growth and development in the Internet Sector.

How Does Internet Work ?

All of the Computer and the other equipment or Instrument within any type of network are generally connected with each and other by the helps of Internet Cable's However the cabling are just a starting point then the physical network can transmit data easily as trusted information.In order of accomplish the task on messaging across a network.

All Computers wanted to tell to each other have to confirm to standard set of instruction defined in the networking protocol.This Features can enable different types of computers running other types of operation system or IOS to communicate efficiently over almost any type of both local and wide network.

Protocols can used over the Internet provide's common language for the computer link to the physical network.In this type of way different types of networks communicate with each and other using this same protocols.To Interconnect the information being transmitted using these types of network protocols or rules.It can essential that the right hardware and software can be in Right Place.

The Common used Protocols is:-


These together are also known as the IP/TCP protocols.IP/TCP advice a simple and addressing scheme Where resource on Internet can be located easily.These addresses are called Internet Protocol(IP) address.Information on the Internet can be carried in packets.These packets are can be transferred in the Computer through networks of Web Computer Networks.

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