What Is LASER Keyboards ? How Laser Keyboards Work ? in Depth

Hello Friends when we will start using computer we have missed something but quality keyboard is must remembered.we will use many type of keyboard like rolling keyboard wired keyboard touch keyboard or wireless keyboards.but friends today I will explain about LASER Keyboard How Laser keyboards Work and what Is the technology behind this.

Friends I think most of my viewer can use try see or gain knowledge about Laser keyboard. and friends may be you can hearing about it for first time and even listening to the untouchables whether does the laser keyboard is also available in market but here the technology is very fantastic that means at least  in view of this it’s just a laser light but in our view we like simple keyboard because we can easily remember mean the wire connected to PC or Keyboard is connected with PC via Bluetooth.

But friends we are talking to  you about laser then friends it is very small keyboard and Its project layout is work on the flat surface mean we will easily type the words on the table but friends what is the science behind them and how we can roll our fingers and the word is projected.It is very difficult to see but technology is peeks here.

friends if we talk about behind this we know about Wired keyboard or Bluetooth keyboards and data transmission Process then we don’t get any benefit. but here we want to know about today how laser can projected.that is when we type any word the how the data can transmit.then friends here a red laser these lasers we are ever seen on a shop I will buy it at 20-30 INR in india. From this laser we can round it in your homes walls and play with it.but here in this keyboard felt defective optical element where the layer is on fine keyboard when the laser light comes on table then it is expand and easily we can project it.then here we want a opaque’s flat surface then the keyboard will work perfectly.

Then Friends in the body of keyboard on Down side in fluent light ammeter is Felt.and on Above the surface of up a theme plane is felt which can generate In fluent light which you can’t seen by our naked eyes but it is felt.then now friends here when we type any word for example we can type ‘T’ then whenever  our finger will reach at ‘T’ then at time of light coming from the front will be collides with our finger and reversely it will return to keyboard so there a seamed or base sensor is felt that can basically find which of the word can touched by your finger in keyboard and from where the deflected light will come.so if this process can successfully run then he will notify that Which word we can type or Touch in the table.Here one particular things is that they do not detect a word at a time it will detect multiple words case at a time.

let us friends if we type in form of CTRL+ALT+DEL then in simple keyboards it will typed. But here comes a problem in laser keyboard first thing is that it is not laureate obviously if little too much mistake is appear then system can detect we can type some words so the accuracy can get some problems.then second thing is that we can get little sound  when we press buttons on table then it not good over for feedback.other than this it has a limit that is in 1 Second how many word and character he can take.

So I think people who can type speed in keyboard who can’t take the laser keyboards for her own work because when he can type in her speed then the system can’t detect or match the peed.then it has many little problem but it very cool device for people.Because if you can show off it on your friend circle and Relatives that is something different in my system or and I can easily work with it then it is good for you but if you can work daily with typing then I will not recommend to use it because you know about it how it is work.Finally here a Laser ammeter and in fluent ray that is drawn from the bottom and here Seaman Sensor is felt and behind it is full processing when the system can know that is where we can rotating our Finger in LASER Keyboard.

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