How To Crack Phone Password or Pattern Without Data Loss

How To Crack Phone Password or Pattern Without Data Loss - People often put pattern password in their phone for the safety of the phone. Although it is terms of security but many times the pattern is forgotten by entering the password. Pattern and password locks of any phone can be broken easily but it will destroy all the data on the phone but in a way in which you will unlock patterns and password in your Android phone and the data will not be deleted. Next We have explained this method.

In this way breaking the passwords in Android phones is called bypass in  Technical language To unlock the password with this technique you have to take advantage of ADB. You can install it on your phone’s memory card or Computer there are two option to unlock pattern password from ADB which we have explained further.

Conditions Before Breaking Pattern

To break the pattern of your phone it is important that your Android phone has USB debugging unit. USB debugging option will be available in developers mode to do this you first have to go the Phone’s settings and choose form about phone. As soon as you click you will get the option of the build number at the bottom. You have click on that only after clicking a few minutes will you have the message of Developer Mode Inning now you have to go settings and click Developers mode in this you will scroll down to the bottom and you will get the USB debugging option one thing is Remembered that is The ADB trick will work only if this option will be ON in the phone.


To break the Pattern password in the phone first you need to install an Android SDK on you PC. To Download SDK Package CLICK HERE

Download SDK package and extract it get SDK manager option you will get many option if you install it but you only have to install the Android SDK platform you can uncheck the rest package After this you have to install directly.

When installing you have to give C:android-sdk-windowsplatform-toolsadb Path. It is even better if you install USB drivers on your PC.

Now when ADB is Installed connect your phone to Pc via USB After connecting to a PC you can ON Command prompt. Code below:-

adb shell cd/data/data/
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where
update system set value=0 where

Now reboot your device From here you can add new patterns and passwords to your device.


If the above method does not work then insert this code which is given below:-
adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

This will be done your Job. After This you have to restart the phone in the phone and with this you have to insert a new pattern of your phone without deleting data.

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