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How To Get 10k Views on YouTube Free | SEO YouTube - Hello Friends I’m Tushar If you are new Youtuber and you have less than 10,000 Views On your videos then in this post I will share  some important tips if you can follow this then instantly I mean after some few day in your YouTube channel you cross the benchmark of 10K views. And that to in totally illegal manner from you can immediately cross 10,000 views.

But Before that I will talk some important questions that is asked by some people.

1. Can I share my YouTube Videos on Social Media Does it is illegal or not? -  Yes friends Social Sharing Panel is created by YouTube to share your videos if you can’t share your videos then I think other can do that then see sharing videos is allowed but you can’t share your videos on that page where you can get 4,000 to 5,000 views on a day don’t share your videos on Big Social Page from you can get in instantly get High traffic that is Violet the Policy of YouTube you need to patience for that you can share your videos on your profile.

So Finally you need to maintain that is 50% views  in your videos traffic will come in organic way that is right.

2. When you can write your video’s title then please search it in the YouTube search box and see the suggestion and then you can post with that suggestions exactly match as in search box.

Because many people not type full title of videos whose he want to see it on YouTube search result  then it is the best chance for you from you can get a best organic traffic.

3. Write  description long yes because it can good work in this algorithm that is very important point because description in your videos is  can see what you can do in your videos what you can’t do. You need to type minimum 10-20 line full description word related to your videos from this SEO can work perfectly on your video.

One things is that you need to type good tags related to your title because some time many people search a video in another and reversely it can come on your video by the benefits of tags option.

4. If you have tech channel and if you’re creating video on trending topic like in Live Sports Cricket, Budget ,Political related talks, Accidents then you will need to fast create these type of videos and post it because friends it can highly searched by people and from these types of videos if your minded same videos is not uploaded in other channel then you have to chance gain high organic traffic from it.

So Friends First all Together time will take because if you hurry you will don’t have any advantages then you will not approved by YouTube Team and also your hard work will also be worthless so you can gave time 1-2 Months to your YouTube channel videos and you can you create you videos with enjoyment and  freely Let the organic traffic will come so because of that YouTube team will checked your videos traffic I mean where the traffic will come on your videos and you need to learn more about your videos does it is not in the category of hacking or cracking or any adult content that mean don’t violet the YouTube policy.

Seconds is that don’t copy videos from other uploaded videos from YouTube Put your original content on your first 10-20 videos and apply for Monetization 5.This question highly asked with me that is can I use Google Ad word and gain traffic/views at least 10,000 then let us see firstly I tell you guys YouTube Don’t want to make a quick run from you and you also know Google Adwords is not so cheap if you at least you want 1,000 views with Google adwords.

I think he can charge you 1000-1200 Rupees. Then what you need to self hard work on your videos and gain 10,000 views without any Advertising Program Let see Friends If can pay 10,000 Rupees and gain 10,000 views then YouTube Team Will Disapproved your monetization and also your YouTube channel and your hard work and money both are wasted. Because of that YouTube want to analyze your videos that What’s Audience reaction, Traffic Source, Comment of audience on your videos Like on your videos and more things then all of that is good then YouTube can Approved your videos for Monetization.

Thank you for reading this post I think i will clear all the terms about How To Get 10k Views on Youtube if you find this article helpfully then please share it on social media and do you want read these type of technology related posts then please enter your email ID Subscribe now to our Website.
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