Why Smartphone Get Hot and Blast – 5 Steps To Stop

Why Smartphone Gets Hot and Blast & How To Stop It - Today Somewhere everyone fears that his phone does not blast during his pocket. Today all of this seems to be happening because such incidents have comes to us we all remembered how all the units were called back to the company after the incident of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and after that there have been other Smartphone too.

Let’s tell that this incident happened after Samsung with Oppo Xiaomi and Samsung Again. There has recently been a news that says Samsung Galaxy S7 has been blasted Now somewhere we are afraid that what will happen if this incidents to us too. Apart the most afraid of us is this thing that does not happen during that time when your child is using your phone because Now’s days children are more interested in Phones. He is using more and more phones as well as watching gaming and video. I will not discuss the age here because today even a two-year-old child also know how to use a Smartphone and above all people of all ages are using Smartphone Today.

Although the use of Smartphone makes us aware of that aspect of technology. Where we used to dream 20 years ago to reach somewhere. Equipped the new technology Smartphone are knocking on the market today. Where we are seeing some new kind of display you can use a DSLR camera in your phones. Because technically it has developed to such an extent that now we do not need a DSLR camera. We can do this only through the camera present in our Smartphone. To what extent our routine has changed to a Smartphone. You can guess on your own But even after all this a big problem today which is emerging in front of us that is the blast of Smartphone. After all how can this problem be avoided ? and how Smartphone manufacturers are working on this.
Nokia BL 5C Battery

We know well that the most discussed matter is Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Having a blast after one of these Smartphone the Smartphone industry has become disturbed If someone was carrying this Smartphone with him then he was supposed to take it with him. And even a person could not take the Note 7  Smartphone into the airport with him in the way an instruction was issued for this Smartphone One such case we saw that In Nokia’s phone a long time ago when we were being asked to replace the battery the people with whom they had a battery named BL5C were being asked to replace that battery at that time.

Mostly this battery is being seen in Nokia’s Phones it was coming out that the battery was blooming itself and after that it started to burst. And after long time this battery was completely removed from the market Let me tell you what is biggest reason for breaking the phone and from

the battery of the BL5C to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after the change in the battery this can be said in view of the incident that is biggest reason for this battery. Now the question arises that if the companies know this thenwhat are the being taken for this However as the technology is developed itself there has been a decrease in such incidents Yes it is so important that sometimes it is heard that during the changing there was a fire phone battery OR During Charging your phone was set on fire in addition to the battery in the pocket without any reason the battery has exploded.

Why Batteries are Explosion

As you know Now’s Days Two types of batteries are used in out phones. The lithium-ion battery is before it and the second place comes with lithium polymer battery. Now These Two batteries can be seen in Smartphones let me also tell you that lithium-ion batteries rarely blossom or explode but whenever this happens there can be two main reason. The first reason is that when your phone falls somewhere with your hands then there is somewhat lacking in it. And second is in the thin compact battery content between the other cells a break can cause internal shot circuits. Because of this your battery start to blossom and then Explodes.

Apart form this the cheapest battery available in the market is the reason for such explosion that is why all companies say that you use the same charger of your phone to charge your phones that came with it. Do not tamper with any battery yes if there is a decrease in your phone’s battery then you should use the real battery for him and not any kind of cheap battery.

What Was The Case of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

As we have discussed  lot of information about this Smartphone. And you know that after this incident the large number of units that were taken to this Smartphone had to be Withdrawn. And the company gave the reason for this Smartphone to explode. That was also related to the battery. Let me also tell you that Samsung and various reports suggest that this case was coming out at much larger scale at the time. And when this Smartphone was being charged Apart from charging more than it can need then this kinds of event comes up.

Charging and Heating of Batteries

There are potential cause of excessive heat in modern Smartphone and around batteries. Increasing the fast charging is now providing additional current in lithium-ion batteries. and every power transfer always produces some heat. This case here is that the more power higher the potential heat While only a few heat-losses will occur on the battery some heat will also be lost in fast charging power conversion and power management circuits which is usually located next to the battery certain one of the battery can certainly be more hot than the other. Processors inside today’s Smartphone are also producing moreheat than the  handset for 3 or 4 generation usually not located next to a battery it can add temperature inside a modern Smartphone Make it more difficult to move heat away from the battery area.

How To Defend Yourself

It is not right to say anything right here right now. However rescue can be done in some way. Tell you that you can take some these measures to defend yourself and can stay safe also keep close friends Safe.

#1 Turn off your phone’s Charging When It’s Too Hot :-
If you are charging your phone and it’s been a long time and now you can fell like this that is if your phone has become too hot then first remove your phone from charging without doing anything.

#2 Avoid Using Any Fake Charger :- You have to be careful that you charge your phone only with the charger that coming with the phone charging the phone with any other charger or counterfeit charger can be harmful to you.

#3 Do Not Charge Your Phone On The Bed :-
If you are on the bed then charge your phone at some distance from you by doing this it is possible to protect your substantial extent and if you do not do this then you may also have to bear the brunt of it.

#4 Keep Your Eye On Phone During Charging :-
Do not do this anytime when your phone on charging and you go somewhere else doing this can cause you a big loss you have to stay around your phone during charging so you know much your phone is Charged and when as soon as it is fully charged remove it from charger and electricity.

#5 Never Use Your Phone During Charging :-
If you are using your phone during charging, then your phone can give you considerable damage. Doing this can be dangerous for you and your family. Use your phone only after Charging is Complete.

At Last :- Please you can follow these step to aware and safe from Mobile hot and blasting So I will explain you Why Smartphone Gets Hot and Blast

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