How To Make Money From Google Tez App (Google Payment App Service)

Hello Friends Google Launches its Digital Payment System In India called Google Tez. The Company has equipped this app with many special features. With this app you can not only make daily purchases but also can easily fix many small payments. Google Tez is available for free on the Google Play and you can earn money for free.

Make Money From Google Tez (Google Payment App Service)

Google's fastest Tez App is equipped with the Indian government payment system UPI. Through this money is directly transferred to your bank account. Tez App can be easily linked to your bank account and transfer money in just a few click. Apart from this the most popular features is Reward Point and People are taking advantage of it. So in Next we have explained to you how to use Google Tez App and Make money From Home.

STEP 1:- First of all you have to download Google Tez App from Google Play Store.

STEP 2:- Open the Tez App after downloading it then First of all you have to enter your phone number which is already linked with your Bank Account.

STEP 3:-  After entering phone number it will link with your bank account.

STEP 4:- After this enter the last six digit numbers and expiry date of your Debit Card.

STEP 5:- After This you will get OTP(One Time Password) on Your registered Mobile Number then option to enter your preferred PIN number below.

STEP 6:- By Entering PIN you will all Verified. Now you can start Pay. You can pay on any contact member in your phone that has Google Tez App.

At the same time you can transfer money by entering the Account Number and IFSC Code. Apart from this you can also transfer money by Inserting UPI ID and QR Code. and the other person can send money to you through the same process.

Make Money From Google Tez

So Now you are thinking that where the earning in the payment are being made then let me tell you that the earning will be made only if you can make a payment to your Friends then you will get reward coupon. and In this coupon you will have money.

After Doing Payment When you come back to the App there will option of the Reward the new coupon will come in first. You can win thousand rupee once. Where winning people install Tez App Recommended by you then you will get Rs 51. In this way you can earn.

If you want to pay someone by hiding your identity then here will a solution. Google Tez App have cash mode option so by Activating it will behave like Share it App to find Tez App User nearby you during this time only your last four digit number will be seen by second person. By tapping it will paid to other person similarly there is a choice of receiving payment form other.

Google Tez App Terms & Condition

By the way this is Developed by Google so it has no problem but for offer and referral reward it has some rules you should read.

1. One Tez user can earn maximum 9000 from referral and offer.

2. Referral bonus will be available only if the user download the Tez App from your Link and also Complete the Transmission.

3. Transaction should be done only on the account of Tez user otherwise the bounces will not be received.

4. One Tez user will get a scratch card once the transaction is Done.

5. Maximum 50 referrals can be made more than this you will not get any bonus.

So Overall it can be said that this Google Tez App is Superb and easy.

Thanks For Reading this Article I Hope you will this Post and Also it with your Friends To Make Money From Google Tez App...!
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