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Hello Friends I think when your android smartphone in your hand then you like full control of yours.There is no desire to woo the phone. In this way you can lock your phones with Password, PIN or Fingerprint option. Not only this I guess you also want to be able to control your from someone else's hands or even if you lose it in some way.

If you forget the password for some reason it will be fine immediately. then So let me tell you that there are many bypasses and hack in the setting of android phone which can help you to control your phone completely In Next we have suggested similar methods.


If you don't care about the data and you want to break pattern of the phone then Hard Reset is the best Solution.For this you need to press Power and Volume UP button simultaneously. After holding both the buttons for a while then the phone will move to recovery mode. From  here by using Volume Buttons choose Erase and Wipe Cache option and then Press the Power Button. With this data erasing will start from the phone and the phone will start after sometime.


I think you do not know that you can change your phone's pattern and password from a distance. Yes Friends you can do this work form any other PC or Phone.This Option is taking under the Android Device Manager in Phone When you install your android features in Smartphone then at the same time Android device manager become active with Gmail and you can login it from another phone or PC. You just need to go to on a laptop or computer and then search by typing Track my phone then the first option will come from the Google Dashboard from here you can Login with the same account which is integrated with you phone here you will also find a perfect solution from changing your password including track my phone location and then you can change the pattern of the phone from here.


Some People lock phones and apps with their 3rd party app in their phone. safe mode is the best way for you if you have forgotten it. To switch the phone on safe mode then you need to press the power the power button for sometime. Then this will give the option to run safe mode in the phone.then when the safe mode is ON then go to settings and uninstall the third-party app From App Manager after this the password will be deleted from the lock screen app then you can easily access your phone without any hesitation.


It is also a best way to break the password pattern without end data but it is important that you have to ON debugging option in your phone by this way you can hack a phone. if your phone has a debugging session then connect the phone to the USB and install ADB on your PC and open the command you can type adb shell rm/data/system/gesture.key and then Press Enter. and phone has rebooted with features this will make Secure Lock disappear. After this phone is on then you have to enter the new pattern password.


Many user have seen setting in the phone several times but this features will not be used you probably do not know that you can set your phone to auto unlock your phone will unlock when you go to a particular area it has to go the settings and choose the security and from there go to the option of Smart lock and set up it to Trusted Place. You can  also set your location on the map in Trusted Place then if as soon as you can go into that area where you will not need a pattern password to unlock the phone in that area.

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