Top 5 Tips to Improve Android Smartphone Battery Life

Top 5 Tips to Improve Android Smartphone Battery Life - Hello Friends I think Most of Smartphone users can use 4000 to 5000 mAh Battery In her Phone. Regardless its smartphone are not able to deliver battery backups on a full day Today the phone uses a high-resolution screen besides high-end megapixel cameras and plays high-graphics games. Apart from this application notification browsing also uses heavy amounts of battery from your phone.This is the reason behind that the battery backup of the smartphone can not stay a whole day.

But there are some tricks through which you can make your phone's battery backup much better. Most importantly it can be said that you do not have to wide long process rather you can increase your battery backup only after a slight changes in your phone settings. We recommend you 5 best ways.


If you are upset with battery consumption in your phone then first put focus into the Apps and view those villain apps that are consuming more battery in your phone By going into the phone's settings you will get this option from battery inside the battery management.If you go into battery usage you will know which apps can consume much more battery.You can delete apps that are sucking unneeded battery. In many phones you will see Power intensive mode inside the battery section you can also identify the Villain Apps.


The biggest reason for having more battery consumption in the phones that is running apps in the background. In such a way you need to properly manage these applications.Today many phones including Samsung, Oppo and Xiaomi have the option of controlling the app in battery management. Where you can decide all applications stop after the phone is locked.Apart from this battery saver will also help your Battery. By saving When 15% battery is left then it is Automatically ON but it is better if you leave it ON forever.If your phone does not have the option to close the application in the screen lock  then you can take the help of Background Application Limit. This setting is only in Android Oreo but in old phones you can use it from developers mode. You can set how many apps will remain open at a time.

3.Low Revolution Displays 

Today the phone uses the high resolution display which consumes lot of battery. In this case you should try to keep your phone brightness on the manual and keep it low during indoor. In many phones there is the option to put the screen resolution on Low in the battery section and this also gets better battery backup to your Smartphone.


Even if your phone's screen is locked but it also consumes a lot of amounts of battery even if the notification is ON. So If you lock the lock screen notification in such a way then it is so much better. You will find this in the notification within phone settings.

5.OPTIMIZE Battery

All Mobile Company also knows that Android users are troubled by battery consumption. So in every update the company gives information about certain battery related features.One such feature is battery optimization. In this you can restrict the app to a great extent.If you choose battery optimization in an App then it closes the mobile data and data sync to a great extent. This saves a lot of battery. In it you can restrict apps that are important but consume more battery.

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