5 Steps to Activate Free Caller tune in Jio For Free

Hello Friends Today Here I Explain you 5 Steps to Activate Free Caller tune in Jio For Free The services of Reliance JIO no longer get free. But for the customers of JIO affordable prices are provided by the company. We are talking about JIO Summer Surprise and JIO Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer. Under these offers customers get unlimited internet access with free voice calls. Apart from this SMS is also free and even all apps of JIO subscriptions are available. But live is a service that is available for free from the first day. We are talking about Jio tunes.

JIO tunes is a value added service that allows users to set their favorite songs or music as collar tunes. Hopefully you will know about caller tune. Indeed if a person calls you then he can hear the sound of the same boring tring-tring. But after setting the caller tune the person will listen to the song or music you have selected.

To set JIO tune you can download JIO Music from Google Play or App Store. By browsing in the app you can set the JIO tune of your choice. There are two ways to set up through the app -

STEP #1:- Click on the three dot-drop down menu that appears on the right side of the song category page. Select 'Set As JioTune' here.

STEP #2:- Apart from this you can also activate any song in player mode by clicking on the 'Set As JioTune' button which appears in the lower part of the player.

Let's say that you can set every song available in JIO Music as JIO tune. 


If you wish you can SMS the first three letters of your choice to 56789. After this you will get an SMS which will have the option of those three letter songs. After this set the song you want to set in JIO tune by following the instructions.

1. If you want you can create JIO tune for a certain type of song singer movie or album. For this Singer <Singer Name> or Movie <Movie Name> or Album <Album Name> will have to be SMS Send to 56789.

2. At the same time just writing JT to 56789 you will get instructions for selecting a particular song. By following these you can set JIO tune. 


To make caller tune to the same song with other live customer before pressing the ring ring press the '*' button in the smartphone

>> After this you will receive a SMS to confirm your demand on behalf of 56767.

>> Then You will have to reply to SMS by typing Y and after that your JIO Number will be activated. we are reading '5 Steps to Activate Free Caller tune in Jio For Free'

I also tell that JIO tunes is available for free to all live customers right now. If you want you can change JIO tune several times and there will be no extra charge for this. On the website of Reliance JIO it has written that if the company charges any fee for the service in the future it will be notify to the customer in advance.

I hope i will clear All Information Related To Activate Free Caller Tune In JIO.

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