How To Setup Free SSL Certificate For Blog Step by Step

How To Setup Free SSL Certificate For Blog Step by Step - Hi Today we are talking about SSL Certificate In our previous post we have explained what the SSL certificate ? How it's work? How many types are it ? and how can you easily buy it in less money? If you missed our previous post then you can read it by clicking here.

Let me tell you that according to a report half of the World Wide Web has now been secured with Https. So Google has clearly stated that SSL Secured Websites would be more useful in Search Ranking. Now you have understood how much importance it's.

So if you also want to secure your website or blog with SSL. then you remained with us. Today we are going to tell you in this post how can you easily secure your blog or website with Free SSL. 

How To Setup Free SSL in Your Blog


You Simply Just have to go to the official site of CloudFlare. You can easily go to CloudFlare's official site by clicking here.


Now you have to open a new tab on that then you have to Fill on your Domain Registrar's and sign your Credentials website.

NOTE:- Everyone's domain registrar can be different. but there is almost the same process for everyone.


Now you have to go back to the first tab again you have to click on the Sign UP button.


You can create your log in details on it and then click the Sign UP button.


Now you will see a box on it you have to enter the URL of your site in that box and click on Scan DNS Record. After this CloudFlare will take some time and will display your DNS record in front of you. On that you have to click on Continue.


Now as soon as you click Continue you have to select your plan on it. You can select it on the Free Plan. Then click on Continue.


After that you now have to go to the website of your Domain Registrar. Which you have started logging in at the beginning. So Simply you have to go to the second tab.


On that you have two Nameservers who have received you from the website of Cloudflare. There you have to add ADD. You may have seen the option of the DNS Zone here. You have to go to the DNS Zone by clicking on it. You can change it on the Change Nameservers You will see the option of clicking on it and replace the old NameServers with the new Nameservers which CloudFlare has given you and Simply Save it.

Now you have to weigh for 5 minutes then after that you have to refresh the Tab with the Cloudflare. Your website should be doing an Active Show right now. If it is not happening then you try it after 1-2 hours. Do it .. in the simple case after 5 minutes.


Now as soon as you see the option of Active you will see the option of Crypto Tab in the upper just click on it.


As soon as you do you will see the first option SSL on it whatever you have on it you have to click on Flexible on it.


Now you have to Scroll down. As soon as you do this just you will see an option in the bottom Always use HTTPS let it ON.


Now you will see the option of the most Uper Firewall then click on it. There will be a Security Level option on it. You just have to do it on whatever you have on it.

Here you have to be careful about one thing. Let's get you the HTML of your website Every link in Https is to be used. Either it can come in the problem. It is called Mixed Content Error. On that you have to convert every existing link from HTTP to Https. You can also add all the links from next to Https Use only.

You also have to add a site with Https in Webmaster. And get your homepage as Fetch as Google. Now your entire process is completed. It takes 5 minutes to 2-4 hours for these certificates to be activated. If you like our post then you can share it on social media and you have a question like this. Please comment below if you want to ask us.

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