Top 10 Computer Mistakes that User never need to Try

Whenever a user has a new computer, the laptop has been able to use it as well so that it does not even get used to it. I have a lot of information about the top 10 Computer Mistakes and I do not even want to do it.

After reading this guideline, you can increase the security of your bag and keep your device safe.

No person is completely perfect. It is not necessary that if you do not have Newbie then you will make a mistake or you are an expert then you will not be mistaken.

A user who has been a young user for a startup session So you are able to read carefully even if you are going to make a mistake.From a beginner user to an expert user there are mistakes made by everyone.So you have to read this post on carefully you may also be doing any of these mistakes.

Desktop and laptops security is very important. for every device.If you do not take care of your system's safety then anything can happen to you at any time.If you are online on the internet then computer security is even more relevant for you. 

Top 10 Computer Mistakes That User Never Need to Try

If you have just taken a new computer or if you are going to take it then read these articles carefully so that you can keep your computer secure.

1. Downloading and Install Bad Softwares

After taking a new computer the user downloads and installs unnoticed and useless software in his System. He does not know how much this software can danger for his system.

The software you download and install may contain viruses malware and other problems. So Never download Direct Direct from the internet and do not use free software.

2. Not Creating backups of Imported Files

This is the biggest computer mistake and many computer users make this mistake.There are very few people who keep backups of their personal and relevant information files and folders.

You should keep backup of your important files if you have saved them in a secure folder.Still make a copy of it in another folder.

3. System Can't Update

Your system and software are secure until hackers are able to access it. To maintain the security of the system it is updated time and time and bugs and other problems are fixed in it.

If you do not update your system then your device's security will be read.That is why it is better that you keep your system and software a date.

4. Don't Enable Password Protection

It is also common computer mistake. Some people do not keep password protection in their computer. They either have problems typing the password repeatedly or they do not know about it.

If there is no password protection anyone can view your personal information by opening your preference. So Better keep locking the puck so that no one can open your favorite.

5. Without Reading Click On "Next" OR "OK"

Mostly people are doing this mistakes in her computer. If you have computer So obviously you have to use it daily and if you run the internet then obviously there will be plenty of time to stay online on social media.

Do you read before clicking on the "Next" and "OK" button the system is telling you to click on So I Think many users do such things because they do not have much time.

6. Never Use Antivirus

This is also one of the Big Computer Mistakes because this Problem happens just to save some money Some people can buy 30000 computers but can not buy 500, 1000 rupees of paid anti-virus.

If you can spend 30k for a computer then after spending 1k you can secure your computer by taking a good anti-virus software.

7. Can't Shut Down Device

Closing the laptop's or LED's is not a shut down. Closing the LED's leads to a laptop only slip. Some beginners do not know this or they do not pay attention to it and after finishing your work you can closed laptop LED's.

Do not do this and finish the work and power off the laptop. For this you can use the power button or Alt + F4.

8. Connecting Unsecured External Device

Often when we buy new desktops or laptops So our only special friend or a relative tells us to insert the memory card, music in a pen drive, a song, a video or movie If you do not have anti-virus in your computer then it may be a danger for you.

Because the device you are connecting to your computer so If there is a virus, malware problem then it will enter in your favor and crack or dead your system. and If the anti-virus is installed then you can scan that device and delete its virus.

9. Never Delete Temporary File OR Clean Disk

By working in your computer a lot of temporary file is saved in it. So If you do not delete the temporary file then in a time you will slow the speed of the system and your computer will start hanging.

So it is better that you to keep delete time to time temporary files clean and disc clean.To delete the temporary file press the Windows + R button and open "% temp%" and delete all those files which are shown on that folder.

To clean the disk you can clean the disc by opening the disk cleanup by searching "Disk Clean Up" in Windows.

10. Open Infected Mail Attachments

New users every time make these mistakes they open and open the mail attachment in their Gmail account without considering it. Some mails are infected with viruses and malware and your computer gets into your computer by opening it.

Attacher and hackers send phishing spam mails to your email address to access your device. Do not open any mail you get just open your work and identity email messages and delete all the others directly.

These are 10 computer misses that you never have to do. If you take care of these things then you will never have a computer security problem.

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