Top 10 Fake Myths About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Hello Friends Today I have brought a Interesting Post for you This is about Post Blogging Today I will tell about your 5 Fake SEO Myths who you probably believe to be true All this Fake is spread by some bloggers Which probably all believe right now Let's know about them.

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As we all know people believe in the most lies in today's world if a person speaks the truth people will believe in him but if a person speaks lies then people should believe in him as much as possible and his Believe me later.

This generation has not spread but has spread very rapidly in India due to which we believe in many false things today even if it is about the Internet today I am associated with the blog today or linked to search engine optimization will tell you which fake is but you believe them to be true. So let's start by not spending too much time.

##1. Link from Guest Post is harmful For Your Blog : This was said on several blogs a few months ago. Those people also included many big blogs and as you remember due to the followers of those blogs it spreads. Let me make sure that this thing is absolutely false and fuzzy. All the people had said that the link which is now obtained from Guest Post this link would be bad in Google's eyes.

I told you that after that I made many blogs and talked to my other savvy bloggers they told me that all this is fake which is called Blog for popularity. And I can say this also according to my experience. Because I add blogs to Link Post that get great traffic and Google also has a rank.

Yes that is different if you post on which low quality blog and you get backlink of worthless quality. Google does not say this for sure. Because this backlink is very weak and you do not even get Traffic from them So we should see whether this blog is good or not its Domain Authority Page Authority is good or not.

##2. If you buy Link your blog will be penalized in Google's eyes: This is very prevalent and I have seen this writing written on many blogs. Backlink is the most important part of blogging. This is a totally false thing Once you have forgotten all that you have read Pay attention Which big website and blog are new how do they rank in a few months without any content? The website which has only one page how to reach the forefront in a few days.

I tell you that all this big site link buys and this is why it gets safe and also receives Traffic from Link. This website also ranks quickly on Google and other search engines. These sites which link to big blogs and websites buy links from them and then pay them.

Many bloggers say that this is very harmful for your blog. So you ask them that the big website that carries ADS on Google itself they must also get a link in Adsense how it ranks Blog's advertisement is how it gets ranked So friends I would say to you not to believe this at all.

##3. Post needs 1000 words in order to become a Rank: This thing you have heard from many bloggers not to mention that 500 Words is required to rank the blog or to rank post. That is if you want to do a Blog Post rank then at least 500 words should be. Now let me tell you that this 100% lie is a lie.

Because I have written 200 posts on Word of One English language on my own website and it is at the forefront of Google even those posts from 1000 to 2000 Word.

Do not listen to me you can search anything on Google Suppose I searched 'Adnow'. Now you have gone to the Word of the Ad Network that has all the words. Hard to be 50 to 60. Now look at any post of the same keyword that has 5000+ Words Post.

Now let's tell you when Keyword is Same then how is that post below. So friends now you may have understood that this is an idle thing if you do not pay attention to it then it is even better.

##4. Writing content every day will make your blog higher : You must have heard this from everyone's blogger. I confirm you that this thing is 200% Fake. If you think that I will write content every day and then one day will be successful in the end then there is a very wrong belief that you are not doing anything other than wasting your time.

This is what the claim is claiming Let's do one thing Write a daily content on one of your blogs also write it 2 times a day and 2 times a day on a blog. You have to create a Backlink from 3 Guest Post from Blog for the second and Backlink from Daily 10 Comment. Now you can see Alexa Rank, Taffic, DA, PA etc. after 2 months of both your blogs. I am 100% Sure That Your Second Blog will always be ahead.

##5. Rank works by High Bounce Rate : This is a very bad concept that probably puts Effect on your SEO. This is just a misconception that is spread by some useless people. This concept has come to mind every blogger today which is a big lie.

Some people say that if a person comes to your website and goes into the middle that means that your Content is not complete then your site will not rank.

Let's get rid of this thing. You must have downloaded songs from your mobile or computer several times. Now you can tell me that when you go to the website of downloading songs by searching Google then you read the complete information of that song or just come by downloading the song. I'm worried we just come by downloading the song.

Now let me tell you that there is not a thousand bounces of thousands and millions of people on that site then understand that according to this the website should still have been hat with Google then why not delete it. Rather he receives millions of crores or traffic. That is it is clear from friends that there is no such thing.

##6. Now the Meta tag is not important: Big blogger Brother Kings I believe that meta tag was not the same as before I used to post a post and also rank post using the great search meta tag and that time your post will be something Post rank from title meta Tag Description.

Now there is a change in the algorithm with time now it is content is King but if we do not need it now then it is absolutely wrong if today we stop using these things then the blog will be in 2 months. It may take up to 5 years.

##7. Fetch as Google Myths : I have heard from many bloggers that fading the daily post fits the ranking of the blog the SEO of the blog gets worse I tell you it does not benefit me nor does it reduce the loss just like a demo.

##8. Backlink should not be made from blogs of other languages : It is such a big mistake Do not ask me I have not got any proof from this On what basis are these people saying this its backlink is bad I can tell you if you If you are a Tech blogger and you make backlink from english blog then it remains in your mind. From this blog on no one will come to my blog tell you one thing its all fake.

##9. Keyword Research is necessary otherwise your blog will never rank: Friends does not give me much time in the keyword research is not the blog rank you can think of yourself as the subject I am writing on This is needed in date just like you think.

##10. Take any .com Domain Extension otherwise traffic will not come to blog : To date I have come to hear from all the bloggers that if you take another extension other than .com then your blog will not be trafficked I will tell you There is no connection far away from the search engine for other domains like .tk or .biz .

.com Extension is so famous that it has been spoken from the beginning of internet that is,, .com itself I tell you it will be for the convenience of the user only that the name and Let's get it done by getting users and forget it about Domains.

I also wrote 10 points and write a few things. But I am still sharing this much in the next post I will tell you that this post has grown big friends I hope you have enjoyed this post Please share it with your friends on social media and how did you feel about the post comment below.

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