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Do you know what are these Common Public Service Center and how to open it ? This CSC (Common Service Center) is a center established by the Government of India which delivers facilities to those people where many facilities do not reach the common people in rural areas. The Jan Seva Kendra is a center point where all forms of all forms that work in the common life of all people are filled with the help of computer. Just like Ration card, Pension, Insurance, Birth certificate, Regional certificate, Bank account, Aadhaar card etc, many other essential paperwork can be made from this center which can be used by the needy person.

The Government of India has decided to set up a public service center at least 5km distance in every district and city so that all the facilities and services can be provided to the general public. It has been decided to open a public service center for rural areas in the village. 

What is CSC (Common Service Center)

The complete form of CSC is Common Service Center. This is a service center which is being opened by the Central Government to help the Indian people. In order to implement e-Governance in the entire country the Government has established these instinctive public service centers.

With this help you can take advantage of all the facilities introduced by the Indian government. There are many facilities available under this scheme such as agriculture, health, education, entertainment, FMCG products, banking, financial services etc. in rural areas. The main purpose of CSC in hindi is to help citizens to provide high quality and cost effective e-governance services. 

Why CSC Service is Necessary ?

In today's era, Internet is playing an important role in every person's life in the world. With the help of this all necessary information is being sent from one person to another person so fast that it was not possible before. With the help of internet in the public service center all types of government forms plans and schemes are being filled. E-governance while keeping an eye out for the comfort of the common people send governmental arrangements and plans for them through internet to the same public service center. For these reasons the main aim of the Public Service Portal has been that it can easily help poor people without corruption.

All of us know that how important is the issue of corruption in our country in every government office where it is impossible for you to work without tea water. And for those who are poor it is difficult to get two and a half times for the family and yourself then how will they be able to make all these government paper money for themselves. This is the reason that in our country the poor and needy people are not able to access every kind of facility. Therefore the Indian Government decided that the Public Service Portal should be set up in every district, village and neighborhood through which all government schemes and schemes can be freely transported to the common man. It is very important to have a public service center in every city and village in our country. 

What is Essential for Public Service Center ?

If you want to open an innocuous public service center in your area then you must have all the necessary things which is necessary for this along with it you will need to provide some important information such as educational qualification, age and even required documentation So let's get all the information about it.


The most important thing is that if you are applying for a CSC (Innovative Public Service Center) then you should be a local person of that place.


It is compulsory for the applicant to be 18 years of age or above.


Applicants should have at least the matriculation pass. If you have the ability above this then it is very good for you.

Other Eligibility

1. The applicant's local language should be read, written and understood. Because it is very important to them later.

2. Knowledge of English language is mandatory and it is necessary to have knowledge of computer with it.

3. Under the Digital India Initiative the Government of India has decided to set up nearly 100,000 (1 lakh) CSC centers across India. For this, he is looking for a qualified applicant. The main work of these CSCs is to help people.

Essential Content for the Public Service Center

1. 100-150 square meters for the room.

2. The arrangement of two personal computers in which Windows XP-SP2 (operating system) or later version is required to be installed.

3. Battery Backup should be at least 5 hours or at the end of the backup, you can use portable generator set.

4. There should also be two printers (Inject + Dot Matrics).

5. Computer RAM should be at least 512 Mb or more.

6. Computer Hard Drive size is 120 GB.

7. Digital Camera / Web Cam is required.

8. Wired / Wireless / V-ST connectivity is required.

9. Banking services from Biometric / IRIS  authentication scanner.

10. CD / DVD Drive

11. Total estimated cost per CSC will be 1.25 to 1.50 lakh (excluding land and building).
    Great Internet Connection should be at least 128 Kbps.

Registration Fees of CSC (Common Service Center)

You do not have to pay any fees for CSC registration. It is absolutely free. 

How To Earn Money From Common Service Center

If you want to earn money from the Common Service Center then you do not have to do much but you have to work according to the needs of the people. As you can apply online from this Jan Seva Center to Pan Card, Voter Card, Passport. This gives you good commission for every transaction.

Not only this, you can fill up Mobile Recharge, DTH recharge, Mobile Bill Payment, Instant Money Transfer, Data Recharge, LIC Premium, Apply for job online, Photo copy, Train and Bus registration, Pension service etc. Here's a lot of commissioning for every transaction. Your CSC can easily earn between 20 to 30 thousand. 

Benefits of Public Service Center 

The biggest benefit to become or open a public service center is that it is far from the government offices and is close to the common man so that the common man can get the service of no corruption and trouble easily and get as soon as possible. Public Service Centers are very close to those who want to get any kind of government information and fill all types of state and center government forms in the public service center. 

How To Open CSC (Common Service Center)

As you know, the Jan Seva Kendra is a part of the centers and state government's schemes and plans. Therefore public service center is the authorised facilitation center by state government with the help of which the common man will be able to easily take advantage of the plans and schemes of the state government. There is an independent body in every state of India which has the right to open public service center for the center government. The public service center can open the same person who has passed the 12th examination and has computer, scanner. Internet, small office and all other facilities are available then they can open a public service center and help the common people.

In every state the name of this center may be different from the public service center but its purpose remains the same. And every person in India will be associated with government schemes and schemes because of the same public service center. If you want to reach the given facilities of the society till the common people then you can contact the district office of your relative and open public service center.

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