Easy Ways to Make Money Online on Fiverr [Top 5 Tips]

If you want to earn money without any website and blog then this article is best for you.  Because you can earn money on Fiverr without blogs. With Fiverr you can earn money by working online at home, simple simple work such as logo designing, web site promotion, link sharing accounts.

Before I tell about the fiverr to make money. I want to know you about little info on fiverr. If you do not have an account then make a account clicking on the button below.


What is Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace where sellers provide services and buyers use those services to accomplish some of their work. On Fiverr you can promote your blog logo promote your blog, design cover for your book You can post a guest for a blog, edit photos from Photoshop even within 5$.

In the same time You can also earn money from Fiverr by doing all this work you will get $ 5 dollars in exchange for every successful complete order. 

How To Earn Money on Fiverr

To earn money from Fiverr you must be professional in one of the fields meaning that you should come up with a good job. Only then will you be able to earn good income from Fiverr.

To earn money from Fiverr you have to sign on Simply Fiverr and create gigs. The service that you want to provide on Fiverr. 

These are some Examples of Gigs

I will share your link with my 10000 Facebook Fans

I will share your website in 20 Facebook Groups

I will write a 700 words Article

I will Draw your Cartoon Character

I will design your Facebook page

I will share your Blog with my 100k Real twitter follower.

I will make your blog logo

I will create your eBook cover

I will write an Article on any Topic

Tips To Earn Money From Fiverr 

1. Sharing Promotional Links on Social Media :

If you do a lot of social media followers like Facebook, Twitter, in your list of phones is too much. So you can earn money by sharing promotional links on Facebook. Anyways you will be sharing 4-5 links daily but in return you have nothing to do with that. So why not earn money by sharing a link. 

2. Photo Editing :

If you get good photo editing and you know every single point in Photoshop then you can earn money by working on photo editing on Fiverr. 

3. Apps Development :

If you know coding then you can make money by creating Android Apps and you can keep prices according to the time because it takes time to create an android apps so you can not make apps for $ 5 dollars.you can make more money rather than simple apps. 

4. Writing Articles or Blog Posts :

If your writing skills are very good then you can earn money by linking articles and blog posts on Fiverr. You can earn 5$ by writing an article of 300-600 words accordingly. 

5. Website Logo & E-book Cover Designing :

If you know Photoshop, Illustrating and Coral Draw software and are if you are creative then you can design the logo and book cover for the logo. This category is the most popular on Fiverr with in 5$ the website logo becomes.

So these were the top five and simple ways to earn money from Fiverr. You must be well aware of the services then you will able to providing your service on Fiverr.

Apart from this you can also get money from Fiverr by doing a lot of things like :

1. Website Designing & Creating

2. Social Media Marketing

3. Graphic Designing

4. Web Designing

5. WordPress Installing & WordPress blog setup

6. Adverting

7. Video Making and Video Editing

8. And Much More..

I Hope you like these ways of earning money from Fiverr. If you like this article then definitely share it on social media.

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