How To Make Money From BidVertiser Ad Network On Blog

BidVertiser (A Division of Bapath LTD) is a site of a ghostly old PPC (Pay Per Click) which started in 2003 with almost of the Google Adsense. In this post I will tell you in detail about what is BidVertiser and how it happens.Before you go to this website it is important to know about these things.

We know how important it is for our Websites and Blogs to earn money. I would like to tell you that before posting this post take a little bit of your mind but the post is a bit of a queue. In this post I will complete the sentence that you can give the answers to each of your questions till the end of this post.

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What is BidVertiser ?

BidVertiser is a separate PPC (Pay Per Click) network that gives money every time a visitor clicks which we put on our website or blog.

If the visitor clicks on ADS and then the next page opens then he takes an interest in that page. Which
Mean he opens in the next page - Files the form takes a product then our commission happens.

He gets double So always the chance is dependent on the Double Earning From That Ads Clicks. 

How BidVertiser Works ?

These are some of the ways of BidVertiser Which makes him the most different :-

1.  Bloggers who are advertisers give money to BidVertiser for the promotion of their site or blog and say that need our site should be promoted.

2. Then BidVertiser checks his site and then sets him in his category.

3. When a visitor visits his website his income is there and from him there comes some commission to Bidvertiser.

4. Our commission comes to us on the date of publication of the publisher (i.e.) every month.

What Need to Create Account in BidVertiser

It is necessary for this to be the publisher's account :-

1. Email ID :- Through this we can login to our BidVertiser Account.

2. PayPal Account :- Our income can be taken only through Paypal. If you can't have PayPal Account Then you go to her website and create a New Account Click Here

3. Blog or Website :- It is also important to have a blog or a website because the Bidvertiser Can gives us the code of the Ad code we put it on the blog.

If you do not have a blog then you can create absolutely free on Blogger. Here's a complete description of how to make a Free Blog CREATE FREE BLOG
How We Get Payments ?

The best thing about BidVertiser is that it can take its lowest payment then create a new account. If their income is low he can whenever the he can take their money form BidVertiser. These are the some method to take payment from BidVertiser.

1. PayPal – Minimum $10

2. Western Union – Minimum $100

3. Cheque – Minimum $100

4. Wire Transfer – Minimum $10

How To Create Account In BidVertiser

So you are ready to earn money by showing an inadvertence on your site or blog. Follow these steps to create an account :-

1. Visit the site of BidVertiser. Click here to go to the site BidVertiser.

2. Then On Right Top You Can See Register option you need to click here.

3. Then Form will open you need to fill all details.

4. After Adding you email id A code will come on your account for the confirmation. After filling the complete form click on the button of the Continue.

5. Now Your Bidvertiser Account is Ready.

Click Here to go website of BidVertiser your account Will Instantly Approved.

So now we are well know how can we make money from BidVertiser and how we make account on it.

Now you can copy your Ads code and start your income by putting it on your blog or website. 

How To Put BidVertiser Ads Code To Blog ?

Now your account has now become Login to your account and Follow these steps after logging in.

1. Click Add New BidVertiser

2. Click Add New BidVertiser under new domain.

3. Give Ads Title (If you are visiting the blog site then you will be asked to do so)

4. Add Your Blog URL

5. If there is anything else in the website that you have then enter your link here or else leave it blank.

6. Choose the language of your blog whatever it is If English then select English and if other language is select any other language or anybody.

7. You can select you website or blog category.

8. After this more categories will come here touching any of those related to your blog / website. (If you choose the wrong clip for your website / blog then the ads that will come on them will be different from what is on your site so choose the right one).

9. Click on the Finish button in the last. Now your website has been linked to BidVertiser.

10. Now Click On BidVertiser Center.

After Click on That You Will Able to see your blog or website is Listed on BidVertiser.

1. You have created a sub-section of your site to place different sizes of ads. by finding the previous process.

2. After selecting the site in the list click the Choose Template button.One popup page will open from it choose the size of your base and then click on the update button.

3. Click on the Get ad Code button and a popup page will open. There will be a code on it copy it and paste it where you say on your blog or website.

Friends how do you feel after know this information or if you have any questions you must tell through a comment. I will be happy to know your thoughts.

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