Top 5 Fake Myths About Google Blogger Blogging Platform

Hii Friends How Are You i hope you all are fine in today post i can't share any information or tricks. Rather today we will tell you the things that I noticed from my Experience that also to need to know for you. You do not know you have a lot of blogger and even small bloggers then Pro Blogger has kept us the same thing in the our ear The WordPress platform is better than the Blogger platform.

Friends today we will tell you a false story about the entire blogger platform. Knowing the 5th rumor about the Blogger platform you will know the reality behind the entire screen today by showing the reality picture on the screen of reality.

Because before that I have shared 5 false statements about SEO Whenever you ask someone if blogger is good or WordPress people will first say this to you Wordpress Whether you know in WordPress and Blogger you will get the answer is WordPress to know why ?

They were told from the beginning that there is no better platform than this. I also believe that blogger is better than wordpress. But the question here is why you are talking about the Blogger platform. As you might have heard of the blogger is rental house the free thing is not good here but Google can delete your blog whenever he wants.Why are you making all this happen You are foolish to the people.

So Now let's taught about Top 5 Fake Myths About Blogger Platform.

##1 Bloggers Design Look is Not Professional

This is all the sari is wrong if you have a web designer near you you will understand once it is designed to be designed.
If you do not know coding then its theme is not good this is true. I also believe that a theme of good looks is found on WordPress and we can not get a better template on Blogger.

If you would like us to say that there is a good theme for blogger here otherwise you are saying wrong. Because you have never try paid themes for blogs. So Friends is nothing like that if you find a template on Blogger then your choice will definitely be available.

##2  WordPress is Best in SEO Case

The biggest shock is that the blogger blog is far behind in the case of SEO and traffic is less on it than WordPress.
Friends are nothing like both platforms are right in their place.

It depends on you how much expert you are in the case of saving. Traffic disputes with the SEO skills not on blogging platform. Depends on you how to optimize your post so that ranking is good.

All these words depends on you how well you know about SEO. If you believe in the case of SEO that WordPress is better than blogger. So I would say to you that 100% wrong to believe that you do not know about SEO.

##3  Blogger is Not Even Better in Security

What I'm saying is this is a headline from which I can cook myself. How much security Google puts in keeping with its users as you do not have other platforms and one things is also to be remembered that any penalties without mistake not give us.

I do know such content all over Google copyright, social media, porn, Illigle is not allowed. If we make rules for them then nobody can not do anything and Google gives us many warnings before doing anything if you ignore its warning then it is possible to get a penalty or copyrights strikes.

##4 Blogger does not like advertisements much more than WordPress (FAKE)

It is a lie that no blogger user has ever spoken to me because of advertisers my blog has been deleted. I did not even notice that Google has ever deleted anyone's blog. But people believe it and it is not possible. As much as you can do on WordPress that is you can also apply that much ads on Blogger.

The truth is I have seen many people who are WordPress users. Their Adsense account is not quickly approved and becomes in Blogger it is fastly approved.

There is no such rule but it is happening with so Many WordPress users moved to Blogger to make them an Google Adsense Approved. Then Bloggers came back to  WordPress.

##5 Blogger Platform is Rented Platform (Google Can Delete Your Data Anytime)

As you read above our heading you must have remembered the name of so many Pro bloggers. That Sir was doing us suggestion do not stay here because it's a rental house and this you will not have to go to a place in many places and after listening if you have any questions then you must have given this suggestion too.

If any Pro blogger is reading this post on . Let us know that you are safe on WordPress here no one can do anything to you.
Does Hosting Provider never down your site for any maintenance.

If you are on WordPress will you not get panellitity if you do wrong ? Tell me There is such a lot of websites where they will get the punishment. There are many website that is on Blogger and he are very popular at all you see this Hindi Blog Website 9lessons

In this you will say that there is no one rule which does nothing to do with my blog without informing. So let me tell you there is also no rule in Google that can delete your blog without reason. You can not trust such a large platform and you can trust on WordPress.

That's because you've got pro blogger in your mind. Free thing is not good and it is wrong to believe that Free things are too bad and too good. But from that you can not say bad at all places.

And as far as the rent is concerned in the simple language where we live if its money is paid If the rent is paid then you do not have to pay to the hosting company pay money per month and talk about rental when staying at Google home free of charge while knowing that a hosting company can be closed at any time. But Google shutting down is hardly possible.

My purpose is not to compare in Blogger and WordPress. Just a few seniors and some more knowledgeable people were saying this about Blogger.

So think of some misconception in a post if there is so much serious about taking a website and you need to know that when you done something in blogging then migrate your blog to WordPress here you will find winning options you will not find anywhere else.
One thing and friends WordPress does not have such a feature but I can never say bad Today I'm telling you so much that this is all about the Blogger platform. The biggest thing is that this is Google service and we can not able to challenge services of Google.

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