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Brave browser is an internet browser that allows you to browse ad free and track free. Keeping your website working as well as disabling website trackers. And protects your personal details from hacking. I know what the browser web browser is and how to install it ?

Some websites use a lot of advertisements. Users have a lot of trouble when they visit them. On such a site the ad gets clicked even when you do not want it. It has only one solution you can use ad blocker or any other free web browser.

Your IP address is tracked whenever you visit a site Hackers track your activity by tracking your PIN address and try to steal personal data from your device.

In this way you can browse Safe using the Brave browser and keep yourself secure in the Internet world.

In this post I will tell you step by step about installing and using Brave Browser along with it. 

What is Brave Browser ?

Brave Browser is a private and secure web browser that offers fast and secure free browsing and website tracking along with Fast and Safer. These browsers are Windows, Android, iOS, MacSets. Is available for everyone.

Website tracker tracks your details when you visit a website. But this browser disables website tracker and your data remains secure.

Brave browser is for those people who do not believe in third-party apps, privacy crushing advertisements.

And want to keep your personal information secure. This browser is great for browsing with meaning. 

How To Install Brave Browser ?

Brave browser windows, android, ios, macbook Everyone is able to use this browser. Meaning you can use it by installing it on your mobile, computer, laptop, all devices.

Follow these steps to install the brave web browser :

1. First of all you go to the Brave Browser website

2. Now Click on Download Brave Button.

Now start browsing the browser browser. It takes a little time to download, how much time it will take, it delivers on your internet connection.

Once the Brave browser is downloaded you can install it by double-clicking on it. This browser is a one click installation that will be installed once you double click on the file. 

How To Use Brave Browser ?

Download the Brave from the above given information about this browser by installing the Brave browser and then installing this browser.

1. After opening the browser click on the menu icon in the right side of the top menu bar.

2. Then click on Settings in the drop down menu.

3. Now all the settings options will be in front of you :

1. General Settings

Here you can set the browser's general setting like :-

Which site should open when the Brave Browser is open ?

Which page should be open on the home page of the browser?

Where Downloaded Files Will be Saved.
These are all normal features that are almost inserted in all internet web browsers.

2. Searching

Here you can customize the Dead Search Engine Private and then Search Bar Opinions.

3. Tabs

Here you can customize the tabs.

4. Security

This feature is an Internet connection that allows you to set the browser security. What do you have to be able to do and what will be the problem with this setting.

5. Sync

From here you can sync browser data.

6. Payments

The premium version of the Brave browser is also unavailable. If you use a paid browser its payment setting will be from here.

7. Extension

From here you can control the all extensions of the Bravo browser.

8. Plugins

You can do plugins settings here. Such as Adobe Flash.

9. Shields 

This is an advanced feature because you control the website community, security, privacy from here. It has been explored in the lower global setting.

10. Advanced

Here you can setup content settings, toolbar, url bar, spell check openings.

All these are the settings of the Brave browser, which are normative in all the bros. Now I am explaining the import features of this brave browser.

1. Global Settings

From here you can do global settings, which will be for all WebSites. In the screenshot you can see the clear This setting is for all sites.

1. Ad Control : From here you can control Ads.

2. Cookies Control : Here you can disable website cookies enabled.

3. Finger Printing Protection : From here you can control third party AIDS.

4. HTTPS Everywhere : Manual for every site can be enabled.

5. Block Scripts : You can block the site's all scripts if you wish.

6. Block Phishing / Malware : You can block malware and phishing attacks.

2. Specific Site Settings

These shields are settings that are done for a particular site. If your UDP is to make settings for all websites. So you can go to settings in the top menu bar by clicking on the menu icon in the right side.

1. Open any site in the Brave browser and click on the Brave icon in the right site in the top navigation.

2. You will now open a pop up settings window in which you will get browser setup options.

3. Which settings do I have to tell about this in Global Settings I can explain rest of the settings of the rest of the browser is very eas, any user can easily set it up.

In this way you can use the Brave web browser and you can secure yourself in the Internet world. If you have not downloaded this browser yet then click this button to download it.

If you want to know more about the benefits of using a brave browser. So You can Download It.


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There is nothing safe in the Internet world but you can take a few steps to safeguard yourself and your personal data. and if you do not want your details to be hacker,  thief, then you can use this private browser.

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