What to Do After Creating a Blog - All SEO Basic Setup Tips

What to Do After Creating a Blog - All SEO Basic Setup Tips - How to Work with Your Visitor Strategy First of all what you think about your business every day you worry about your business how our business will run or whether we will be able to run it or not our mind works for our business but it keeps giving tension to you more than that.

What to Do After Creating a Blog - All SEO Basic Setup Tips

Business Related Questions that arise in your mind you see any business, everyone has a similar question. How do we do business? How will our business grow? How to plan your business? What strategies should we follow for a good business? What balance should be kept in business more? How to survive in business?

##1 Create Google Friendly Website

Make Google friendly as you know to do any work you need to have complete knowledge of that work and complete knowledge of that work according to that work. In the same way the website is also about.

Your website receives 70% to 80% of traffic from Google and your website should be Google Friendly Google friendly for that traffic. Which means your website is top of Google ranking and you get good traffic.

And it is very important to do this because in today's  Competition your website is everything for you so all of us want our website to remain top on Google so keep your website's health in yourself Will happen.

##2 Don't Forget Bing and Yahoo

Yes you heard right you do not forget Bing and Yahoo (BING YAHOO SEARCH ENGINE) along with Google. Suppose Google's search engine is the top search engine in the world. But after Google Yahoo Search Engine Bing and Search Engine is the second largest in the world.

You can also use these two for traffic on the website. All you have to do is to do this. You can use the Bing Webmaster Tool. You can use Bing Webmaster as soon as Google Webmaster Tools. You have to register on Bing Webmaster Tools. And its webmaster is linking your website to mean Url Submission.

##3 Website Related Question- How to Get 1000000 Visitor in Months

Start the Domain Selection. The domain selection of your website should be unique and good first of all you want to do or you want to make your business or blog website first you have to do your Business Website Domain Name selection.

With the right Domain Selection you will get High Traffic on your website. You should make a selection of 6 to 7 digit domain names (Domain Name) for your website. Because the domain names of this digit are considered very good. And the search engine also finds good rank and good traffic to your encoding domain.

Your domain name should be new and unique, like - you want to create a website related to technology then you have been given the name of the domain name selected zdnet, cnet, gizmodo, psgtech, example for you.

##4 Design Mobile Friendly Website

Blog Website Must Be Mobile Friendly Your website should also be Google Mobile (According to Mobile Friendly) as well. Today's smartphone belongs to the smartphone. And you can see that even if a person does not have things like computers, laptops, tablets, that person is connected to the Internet from his smartphone.

And you can see that in today's time 8 out of 10 people will get a smartphone with you. Therefore make your website such a type and the design structure within it will be mobile friendly.

(Important Information about Visitor Strategy) According to a survey by experts about 28% of the search in an hour has come from mobile. So this can give you an idea of ​​how people are being promoted on internet from Internet search.

Also keep in mind that good visitors can also get you through the Mobile Friendly Website.

##5 Traffic From Guest Post

You can find high traffic by Guest Post the best way to work for high speed boosters for website traffic. The way in which a car racer uses the turbo booster in his car to give high speed to the car in the same way we use guest post for good traffic on our website.

Guest postings should be done on a good website. You can search the websites on the search engine which has maximum traffic. You can post your guest on those websites according to your subject.

Guest posting does not mean that you post your Linux on another website but rather pay attention to whatever your guest post you are doing be unique and inspiring to be read - it will benefit you. Why would you be attracted to the visitor to your website as well as the post you have.

##6 Unique Content

Carefully keep this thing in mind that the article on your website should be unique content. Because Google keeps reading your website from time to time (Google Crawl). Your content will be as unique as Google will show more to its search engine. So you can get a large amount of visitors.

##7 Social Media

Use the Social Networking Website For more visitors to your website you should use the social networking website. Because you can convert the most traffic from your website to Social Websites Social Website.

And you get the word Top Social Networking Websites, Google Plus - Google.com Facebook - Facebook.com Twitter - Twitter.com LinkedIn - Pintrest - Pinterest.com

Stumbleupon - Stumbleupon.com Post your Linux and Fresh content on these websites so that you get more popularity. More people will follow your website on the Social Website Follow, Share, Like.

##8 Design SEO Friendly Website

Along with all the above given above you must also keep in mind that your website SEO Friendly must be SEO friendly. Because without SEO you can not get traffic to your website. It is important for you to keep in mind the important points.

First of all you have to make On page optimization of the On Page SEO on the website. Work on your website's Sitemap (Website Sitemap). Check website robots. Add a website to Webmaster Tools Add your website to Google Analytics. Submit the website to the search engine. Create Google Plus, Facebook Page Take care of image optimization & Post good content.

(On page optimization) On page optimization In it you have to set the first Meta Tags of the website - we will first focus on Meta Keywords. It's very important to have these meta tags on your website.

##9 Generate Website Sitemap

To generate a site map on your website you can search on Google to add a Sitemap to your website (after searching the Sitemap Generator Tool) you will find many tool shows Some of those names we tell you here.



http://www.web-site-map.com/ ……….etc You can create your site map by visiting the website you select.

All the websites you visit will have a similar format everywhere - you have to submit your URL in the Add Url option and submit it. Your map will be ready as soon as your website is submitted. You just have to download your sitemap.

Go to Cpanel and add it. Along with this, you also need to add Site Map to Google Webmaster Tools. This will give your website more traffic on the search engine.

##10 Generate Robot.txt

It's important to have a website robots.txt file forgetting to create a robot. You can set robots according to your website. Whatever robots you create You have to add it to your cpanel and Google Webmaster Tools. Basic robots that are used in all websites.

##11 Use Google Webmater Tools

This tool will serve as a doctor for your website. You can check the full report of your website with this tool. You must first add your website to the webmaster. You need to add the Verify Code to your website from Webmaster Tools. After that you can check the health of your URL.

And through this your website is submitted to Google search engine. You can check all the reports from your website such a report as if your website was not indexed on Google, your crawl arrows, crawl stats, robots, site map reports etc.

##12 Use Google Analytics Tools

With this tool you can trace your website completely. First of all you have to add url to your website and after adding your website to Google Analytics you have to do a verification code that can trace your website.

The number of visitors to your website. How much traffic is coming to your website from its reports, what city, state, country You will know from these tools.

##13 Get Traffic From Google+ Page & Facebook Page

Yes you heard right on Google Plus and on Facebook you can generate your business page and promote your business through social networking as well as generate valuable traffic.

It gives you the advantage that both of these websites are the world's top social website where you will find people in Millions or trillion. And these people can get great traffic on your website by sharing your page.

##14 Good Content Strategy

The content of the website on your website should be completely fresh and unique. The more unique your content will be the Google search engine reads your website and your content as quickly as possible and will bring your website ranking to the top on the search engine.

And if you do this then your ranking will not stay on top of the search engine according to your ranking and the visitor on your website will remain as high as possible.

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