How To Create Website on WordPress Step by Step [Install WordPress]

Hello Friends Today we will be happy to post this post how can we create your own site on WordPress and what we need to do to build a site on WordPress and what is the process.

First of all know about WordPress that's what this is all about. WordPress is an online free source tool that is designed to create a website. WordPress is the most used for website and blogging.

So let's see how to build your website on WordPress.

IMPORTANT TIPS:  This post is a bit of a queue no matter how many steps you get in installing WordPress  All that has been told then follow these All steps with cold mindedness. Your website will be easy on WordPress. 

What We Need to Create a Website on WordPress

1. A Computer

2. Internet Access

3. Email ID

4. Domain (How to Register Domain)

5. Hosting

Now if you have the things given above then you can move forward. The most important thing is that if you have not done domain registration then you can take from Godaddy  click here Because if you tell the whole process over it you will not get any problems. If you take domain from any other site then the process may be slightly different.

How To Create Website on WordPress

We have told this process in 4 parts so that it is easy to understand. You can go to that part by clicking on the point that you are have to going.

PART 1: Add Hosting to Domain

Freinds if you take my opinion and buy your domain from Godaddy then ok. otherwise if you can take domain from other site then this process is same for all sites or users but her option will open other ways but process is same.

Step 1:

Login to your domain by logging into the godaddy where you want to connecting to your hosting provider.

1. Open your domains Click here to go to your domains in the direct godaddy.

2. Click on the domain to which you want to add it.

Step 2:

Now in the domain we have to change nameserver for that Click on the manage nameservers.

Step 3:

Now there will be a popup open. Select Custom and click on AddNameServices.

Step 4:

Now you have to enter your nameserver.


You should have received an email after purchasing the hosting. It will be given the names of our nameservers.

You can see in the email the name server 1 and the name server 2 are given two links.

That's what we have to put in the nameserver of the godaddy option. Your nameserver link can be different.

We have given a link in the email and have given us the username and password of our screen.

1. open the link in the browser.

2. Log in by entering the username and password given to them.

Step 6:

Now after logging in to the panel our domains are added to the panel. The same domain in which we have added our nameserver of our cpanel.


If you have been hosting a domain from which domain you want to create a WordPress site then you do not need to double add domain from add domains.

In our panel we will get an option Click on Addon Domains.

1. Enter your domain name in the new domain name.

2. It will come automatically in the username, if you want it, you can change it. Or let it remain.

3. The document will become the folder of the website in the root. If you want, then you can change it too But leave that too.

4. Delete Password

5. Renter Password


If you want to create a strong password you can create a password by clicking on the Password Generator then Save that password in the same computer as well.

1. Generate password by clicking on the Generate password button. You can create a new password by clicking repeatedly.

2. Copy the password and save it to a text file in the computer.

3. Tick ​​the password after saving.

4. Click On use Password Button.

1. Click on Add Domain Button

Once the domain is added such a message will be displayed. Go to the back button by clicking on the button.

So now our first part is complete. We have got our domain added to our hosting.

Note: If you want to install Manually WordPress then follow the steps below:

PART 2:  Connecting by Creating Databases and Users

Now we have to be the database and user in the panel and then connect them.

Step 1:

Click on the option of the MySQL Databases in the screen.

Step 2:

Now to create a database in the new database give some words like dal to create a database.(Write these details in notepad )

Step 3:

Create a User in Add New User

1. Enter your username for database. (Write these details in notepad).

2. Enter Password for Database.

3. Renter password (for strong password go to password generator).

4. Click on Create a User Button.

Step 4: 

Now time for connecting Database or user.

1. Select the user that we have created.

2. Select the database that we have created.

3. Click on Add Button.

Step 5:

Now next page will be opened.

1. Tick All.

2. Click on Make Changes Button.

So Friends now we are end 2nd part and We have created a user and connected them.

PART 3:   Upload File Manager to The File From the WordPress file and Upload it to the File Manager.

Friends first of all we have to download the setup of WordPress. Then we have to upload it to our file manger Let's see how :-

Step 1:

Go to and then download WordPress. WordPress file is 7-8 MB then Depend on your Net speed that how will it take much time.

Step 2:

After downloading Click on the file manager in your hosting panel.

Step 3:

A popup will be open after clicking.

1. Select Domain in Document Root.

2. Now Click on GO Button.

Step 4:

Now the file manager will be open. We have to downloaded the WordPress file that is now uploaded to it. Click on the option of upload.

Step 5:

Now the new page that will open will upload the WordPress file.

1. Click on the Choose file and select the file in WordPress that we have just downloaded.

2. Then you will see that the file will be uploaded. It will take some time to calculate the speed of your net.

3. After upload click on the link which is show and return on the File Manager.

Step 6:

You will now see that a WordPress zip file has been uploaded. Now we have to extract the zip file.

1. First select the zip file by clicking on it.(If the file is not coming, even after uploading, then click on the reload button again.)

2. Click Extract

Step 7:

Now a popup will open. To extract select the folder of your domain. And click on Extract Files (C) button.

Step 8:

Click here to remove the file This is the process or file extract.

Step 9:

Now you will see that a WordPress folder has also been created along with zip file. Now Open the folder.

1. Open Folder and Select all the files.

2. Click on Move File Button.

Step 10:

Now a popup will open as soon as you click on the move file.

1. Select the domain only in the location of the file. (Delete word for WordPress that was written in front of domain)

2. Click on Move File (s) button.

In this way we downloaded the file of WordPress and uploaded it to the file manager then extracting it and moving it to the folder of our domain. So now our 3rd part has been completed. Now the last part is left. so lets start..

PART 4:  Configure and Install WordPress

This is the last part of our post .. So let's see how to do it:

Step 1:

Open our browser in our browser On opening the domain something like this will appear in series. There will be some points in which We have to keep the database name, username, its password ready. Which we have complied in our 2nd part. so now click on Let's go Button.

Step 2:

Now we have to select language I am Selecting English from list. You can select if you want another language too But in my opinion English is more good than other otherwise some words come which are not comfortable for society.

Step 3:

Now the next page will be open. In this we created the database which we created in the 2nd part and the password which we have saved will be required.

1. Enter Database Name

2. Enter Database Username

3. Enter the password that we have done while creating the user.

4. If you have more than one blog installed in the table prefix then Wp_ Write anything ahead so that a new table will be created with that name if you want to install more WordPress than a website.

5. Click On Submit Button.

Step 4:

Now we have to run WordPress click on the button to install it.

Step 5:

Now a new page will open in which we have to place the details of our site.

1. Enter Site Title

2. Enter username

3. Enter Password

4. Enter your own email address

5. Never Click on Search Engine Visibility otherwise our site will not shown in search engines.

6. Click On Install WordPress

As soon as you click the Install WordPress button WordPress will be installed on your hosting server.

Happy friends your WordPress site has now been created .

How To Create Website on WordPress Step by Step [Install WordPress]

Now your website will look something like this which we can later fully design accordingly.

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