How to Earn Money From Brave Browser - Step by Step Full Guide

If you are a Blogger or YouTuber and Running a Youtube Channel then you can get the Brave Browser - Brave Payments from Extra Money, via your YouTube channel, Blog or twitch channel. How do I earn money from the Brave Browser in this post ? Sharing step by step in information about earning money from a Brave browser.

I have written 2 articles about brave browsers. In which I have Brave browser, how can the brave browser do it ? What are the benefits of using a Brave browser? If you are hearing about the First Time Brave browser then read these posts once.

The Brave browser offers a Brave Publisher program which is available for all websites and blogs, YouTube channels, Twich channels. You can earn money by promoting a Brave browser by sharing content on all these.

So let's talk about how money is earned from the Brave Browser publisher program.

How to Earn Money From Brave Browser - Step by Step Full Guide

The Breve Publisher Program provides us referral links. By clicking on the user's referral link downloading a browser will earn your income. Found on $ 5 commission will be available. Now you can earn it is depends on your popularity.

You need to follow 4 steps to do an earning from the Brave Publisher program :-

  1. Register on Brave Publisher Program

  2. Add and Verify Your Property

  3. Register and Connect Uphold Account

  4. Get Referral Link and Promote Brave Browser

I am telling everyone about step by step with details here.

How to create an account on the Brave Publisher Program

Create Account on Brave Publisher Program:

Here's a step by step how to create an account on Brave Publisher.

Step 1: Register Brave Publisher Program

First of all, you go to the Brave Publisher Program site.

  • Click the Get Started button

Step 2: Add Email Address

You will now be asked to add your email address. You can add that email id from which you want to do the Brave Publisher Program.

  • Enter Your Email Address and Click On Get Started Button.

Step 3: Verify Email Address

You will now receive a mail on your email address containing a link to account verity and login. You click on it.

  • Click On Verify Email Button.

Step 4: Add Your Full Name

Once you click on the email verification link you will go to the Brave sign page where you have to add your full name and sign in.

  1. Enter Your Full Name

  2. Click On Sign Up Button

After clicking on the snapshot button you will be asked to enable 2 step verification. If you wish you can skip it or get it set up.

Step 5: Enable Brave Referral Program

You will now reach the Brave Payment Dashboard. Where you have to setup an account Including Currency Select Connecting Uphold Account and Create Referral Link. First you will learn about getting referral URL.

  1. Click on the Learn More button in front of the free tokens.

Step 6: Activate Promo

Now the page that will be open will be called a foot referral commission and will be asked for an active promo.

  1. Click on Active Promo Button

Step 7: Congratulations! Account Created

Now your Brave payment account has been completed You will see some kind of message.

Download Brave Browser

How To Add and Verify Website In Brave Payment

Now you have to make a Verify by adding the platform property to the method that you are earning.

Step 1: Add Property in Brave Payments

Go to the Brave Payment Account Dashboard and scroll down Here you will find the option of an Ad Channel.

  1. Click on Add Channel Option

Step 2: Choose Platform

Now you have to select the platform on which to make the product promotion and earnings. You suck the website, YouTube channel, the tweet channel you have.

  1. Select Your Platform If you have Blog Then Click on Website Option.

Step 3: Connect Platform

After suckling the platform we have to connect our property to connect it. I am editing the website so here we will add website URL.

Step 4: Verify Property

You have 2 ways to verify the website and blog.

1. You can verify from the DNS record.

2. If you are a WordPress user then you can verify using the Brave Payments Verification Plugin.

I am telling you about explaining about both of them.

Verify Website Via DNS Record:

For this you can go to your domain website and go to the domain settings or go to the hosting screen. To add a test record and point the domain to the verification code.

Firstly click on the sucked different verification method option in the right side according to the screenshot given above on the Brave verification page.

1. Now you have page on that you have select recommended verification method.

2. Click on I’ll use a truest file button.

Now the page will open you will get the verification code and the option of verifying.

After adding the DNS record click the Verify button.

You can add the recording DNS record by going to the DNS setting.

Note: TTL time is less than 15 minutes to add time or else the verification will be spread.

After recording your DNS wait a bit and verify them in Brave Payment Account.

Verify Website Via Plugin

If you do WordPress then install your WordPress Brave Payment Verification Plugin and follow these steps.

Now go to the WordPress Dashboard >> Settings >> Brave Payment Verification Option and save the settings by copying the verification code into the verification box.

Verify the WordPress and browser cache after clearing verification. Go to your Brave Dashboard and click on Verify option then your site will be verified. 

How to Verify the YouTube Channel in Brave Payments
1. If you have to add a YouTube channel then follow this step. Its process is very easy.

2. First login to the YouTube channel with ID.

3. Now go to the Brave Payment Dashboard in the same browser.

4. Click on the ad channel.

5. After that select the option with the YouTube channel.

6. Select the channel to connect now.
Now Google will ask you to connect YouTube channel to brow payment.
Click On Allow Button

In this way you can add and update the YouTube channel in brow payment. You can also add and update the twich channel as well.

How to connect a Uphold account with Brave Payments

First of all, go to the website and verify your account by submitting signals from your Gmail ID.

After that you go to the Brave Dashboard and connect, click the uphold button and connect the ubhold account to the Brave.

1. Click on Connect to Uphold Button.

After connecting the uphold account to the Brave you can suck the default currency in your brave account. After connecting the uphold account go to the Brave Dashboard. Here you will find the default currency selection option.

1. Click on Choose default deposit currency option.

Now a popup page will open you will get a lot of currency options in it Select your calculations calculate your dollar or some other currency. I will select bitcoin its price is A/C credit in the future. 

Where Brave Referral Link Will Be Found

To make the Brave Referrals link generous you do not have to do anything. Now you submit a property in Brave Payments Automatically becomes a specific referral link for him. To get referral link :

1. Go To Brave Payment Dashboard

2. Scroll Down

3. Now your referral link will be found in front of all your properties.

How to earn money by promoting the Brave browser ?

Now you can publish the commission by promoting this referral link on your platform. As you can write posts about Brave Browser and create videos.

Whenever a user clicks on your affiliate link they will reach the browser browser download page.

How many downloads do you get it depends on your trusted users. 

How to get payment from the Brave Publisher Program?

You can take payment from your payroll through your PayPal  account.

In this way you can earn money from the Brave Publisher program by promoting the Brave browser.

It is better to promote this browser as it provides users with much security and features from Chrome, Firefox, Opera browser.

Plus it is 2 x fast from the rest of the internet browser. The mobile browser in Brave browser is much better than UC browser. Ever since I got to know about this I do the Brave Browser instead of that in my smartphone. You must also see it once by using it.

Download Brave Browser

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