How to Know What Trends is Running in Google Search

So lets take you today's topic and take the lead in which we are telling you what trend is going on in the Google search engine. Which article trends are going on in the search engine, what post is written now that our blog becomes viral fast, How to Know About the Trending Articles.

Such a lot of questions will sometimes take place in your mind like I posted with the article before this let's put a look here. You know how many people will be successful in the trend. 6 months ago the trend of the organism is going on and so far the JIO Communication trend is going on. Any article written on Jio comes with lots of views in our blog.
If you are still alive then it does not matter but if you talk about other days we do not understand what is going on in the present time. It is a matter of thinking if I tell you now you wrote an article on it and published it to your blog and if they came in trend then think how happy you will be on that time.

Note - Who does not want to answer such a question without keyword without having to post its all myths of trending articles With the help of Google Trend Tool let us come here with the introduction in short. 

What is Google Trends Tools ?

You are seeing this in the heading above that it is written that the Google trend is simple. This is Google's service which Google launched in May 2006 which is now 13 years old. With this you can find out what trending trend is going on the Internet in our country or the Internet let's know. If you want to know more full information or history about Google Trends Tool then go to Wikipedia. 

How To Select Top Keyword With Google Trends Tool

Here May tell me the way you want to move our step and there are some points that I have shared with my point after trying this method.


1. For the first time you open the Google Trends tool click here for your 

2. As soon as you click on the link above you will go to the Google Trends website if you want to search for a topic then you can search here.


As soon as you search that topic you will know from them how much the topic is trending in the present time. So here you will find many drop-down menus, so you can easily get information such as Worldwide, Past 30 Days, All Categories, Web Search. So below i can explain all these point in details :

    1. Worldwide : From here you can select the country to know what is trending in that country.

    2. Past 30 Days :
    From here you will know about 5 years ago, before 30 days, i.e. today before when it has been on this topic trend before.

    3. All Categories :
    From here you can release related blogs from your blog.

    4. Web Search :
    From here you can search the web, like Images, YouTube.
    So Friends you have learned this above. How we select trending topics let us tell you some points of this.

    Google Trends was launched by Google in 2006.

    With this tool you can select topics according to the trending time of the present.

    Updates here in 1 hour so you can easily get to know Which article we should need to post ?

    With this you can target India not only the entire world because you have seen these points above which there is an option to select a country.

How Can Google Trend Help Blogger (More Helpful) ?
All those people can do this tool but if they are seen then the blog will get a lot of help. Who can updates post like Top story, Entertainment, Heath, Business ,Tech, Tips Tricks,Blogging and Sports Bloggers will be more helpful on this tool.

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