How To Register Domain | How To Register Domain For Website on GoDaddy

Friends I had told you earlier how we can make our free blog. But if you want to convert your blog into a website So you have to register a good domain first.

To register the domain name we will need to take the domain from a Domain selling Website. You will find many domain matching websites online. One of them whose name you might have heard will be the GoDaddy. I will tell you how we can buy the domain from the godaddy. You will register the domain from any site almost the same process. 

How To Register Domain | How To Register Domain For Website

Follow My these Steps to Buy Domains :


Go To GoDaddy Website.

1. If you already have an account then Sign In by entering your username and password.

2. If there is no account on the godaddy then create an account by clicking the Create My Account button.


Fill this form to create an account on the Godaddy. If you already have an account then let this step stay.

1. Enter Your Email Address

2. Please enter a username for the account. Must be at least 5-30 words. With this help you will be able to login again in the Godaddy account.

3. Set password for your Godaddy account Password should be at least 9 words and it should also have a capital letter and number. There should be no space in the beginning and end of the password.

4. Set the four number PIN. No 4 numbers have to keep this in mind.

Remember all these details or write them down on anything.

Now the account on your godaddy has been made.


Now after logging in the Godaddy you have to search the name for the website. For him you will easily find the search box on the Godaddy site.

Search for the name you want to register If someone has already bought the domain then you can not buy it.

The price of the domain can be different from the others. An offer is currently running therefore getting 99 rs for one year. Otherwise it costs around 600 rs per years.


When you get the name of your choice

After getting the best name you definitely see his price and once you check the spelling correctly.

After getting the domain click the add button on the cart.

After that click on the button of the Continue To Cart.

Now a new window will open in front of you will be asked to take even more. Hosting, Email Address If you don't want then let them leave and click on the button of the cart then Continue to Cart.


Now the new page that is open will contain your domain and its information.

1. First of all how many years do you want to register select that. According to him money will be charged.

2. Now What Price will billed is right now you can see on billing details.

3. In Last you can click on Proceed to Checkout>


1. Fill You All Details.

2. Select your Payment Method what type of method you want to use Debit Card or Net Banking

3. Click on Continue> Button.


1. Check all details that you enter on the filling details form.

2. Take Have a good look at the domain that you've want to done.

3. Check the details Payment Amount.

4. Type the captcha that show on window screen.

5. Tick  on I agree to the following details.

6. Click on Place your Order > button.


1. Fill your contact details on Payment Page

2. Select Payment Method and fill the Card Details.

3. Click On Make Payment Button.


You will now be able to access another website that you have selected from the payment method.

After payment you will come to the site of the Godaddy.

Your website name has now been registered. 

How to Your Registered Domain On GoDaddy

1. Click on the Top of Menu that is Domains.

2. Then Click on Manage My Domains.

Now you will have a list of your website which you have purchased.

Now the domain is registered. Now let us know how we add our domain to Blogger.

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