Top 5 Best World Famous Master Blaster Hackers

Where goodness is how can the evil be behind ? Therefore there are many characters like Hackers, Black Hat Hackers, villains, crackers, cyber-criminals, cyber pirates in this web world which are considered to be the Messiah of such a world. It's a big field for those people to play. Who have the ability to do anything by using their own toys.

Since this is a very interesting topic so today I thought why you should present a list of hackers who gave surprise to the people who had surprised the whole world with their adventures in their time. So without delay let's get information about some of the Top 5 Best World Famous Hackers. 

Top 5 Best World Famous Master Blaster Hackers

 #1  Hamza Bendelladj

Hamza Bendelladj, a 27-year-old Algerian boy who hacked about 217 banks. By which he had also gained access to many people's accounts. He had crashed about $ 4 billion with this hacking. Which he donated to the African and Palestinian NGOs. This is why he also called Robinhood to say it to him.

Because Bendelladj used to plant malware in large and popular sites, due to which he had access to computers of millions of people who live in different countries. Bendelladj's alias name was Bx1 online and it was also heard that he was also a critical controller of SpyEye software which could easily steal his personal information from a infected user's computer in which he was able to access his on-line financial accounts Could have penetrated.

 #2  Michael Calce

In February 2000 a 15 year old boy whose name was Michael Calce had taken a loophole that helped him control the university computers. Using the combined power of these computers he could also control the number one search engine Yahoo at that time. Michael's alias name was "Mafia boy,".

After these adventures, he also dropped other major sites such as Dell, eBay, CNN and Amazon by the dedicated denial of service (D Dos) attack. Causing their website server to crash frequently Calcite's exploits forced investors and other internet proponents to secure Internet security. After this the government had to develop more under the top priority of cyber crime law.

 #3  Jeanson James Ancheta

Jeanson James Ancheta did not intend to hack any credit card data or banks so that he would provide social justice. Instead Ancheta was interested in bots more. Software-based robots that can infect and ultimately control computer systems. Using a series of large-scale "botnets," he could control nearly 400,000 computers in 2005. He used these machines to help the advertising companies for which he also charged money from them.

In addition to this, he used to install direct bots or adware on a particular system, which had separate charges. Ancheta was sentenced to jail for 5 years due to Botnet Technology's use of this type.

 #4  Robert Tappan Morris

Robert is also considered the father of computer worm because it was the first computer worm made. Morris inherited knowledge from his father in the context of computers which was then a computer scientist at Bell Labs and later in the NSA. In 1988 when he was a student at Cornell University he created Morris Worm to measure the size of the Internet. Because computers can be infected more than once so computers are gradually slowed due to repeated infections.

Because of this virus of Morris, about 6000 computers became unusable. So Morris was arrested in 1989 because he violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. For this Morris was sent to jail for 3 years and had to pay a fine of $ 10,050. Talk about now Morris is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and he is also the founder of the Y Contaminator.

 #5  Julian Assange

Julian Assange is also called the founder of Wiki Leaks. Julian started hacking at the age of 16. His alias name was "Mendax". Over time, Julian also hacked many networks such as NASA, Stanford University and Pentagon. In 2006 he created WikiLeaks, a platform where news leaks and classified documents are published from anonymous sources. In 2010 the United States government launched an investigation against Julian Assange in the oppression of leak leading to the country's major data. Now he is under the "house-arrest" in the Ecuadorian embassy in London also from the fear of US government.

Some top hackers have a very good purpose, which want to make this world a better place, they want to prove some UFO theories, some prefer to earn money from them for some names and fame such as Do the work. But one thing must be acknowledged that behind these evolution of cyber security all of them have a huge hand. Even if he is not doing anything directly, but by indirect way he is giving some awards for the society.

I sincerely hope that I gave you complete information about the Best 5 World's biggest hacker and hope you guys have understood about World Famous Hackers.

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