How To Setup Google AMP In Blogger Step By Step Guide

If you want to know what a Google Amp is and how to apply an emp in the blog, then you have come to the right post. Google Amp in which Amp means accelerated mobile pages, the page in which it is very fast loads in mobile.

At this time more than 70% of the people do the Internet in their mobile device. That's why Google launched the Amp Project so that the website in mobile is open in get more Speed. This will increase the user's interest and get the content of online content.

You are aware that website speed is Google ranking factor. The fast load that comes up is in search.

What is Google AMP

Google Amp is a standard project that Google and Twitter has launched together This project works on etiquette and quad. It compresses the javascript code and modifies it so that the page loads fast.

These types of Google App is a page that removes extra Content and Widget from the page.

This AMP project came in 2016. In today's time it is quite popular too.

How To Set Up Google AMP In Blogger

There are many WordPress AMP plugins available for WordPress with the help of which the WordPress Blog can enable the AMP.

There is nothing like this in the blogspot Blogger website. So if you have to apply AMP in blogger then the entire work will be done by yourself.

Applying an Amp in Blogger is not so difficult, if you have a basic knowledge of coding then you will be able to apply the AMP.

How to apply Google AMP follow these steps for Blogger.

##1   Download Google AMP Blogger Theme

First you have to download the Google AMP Blogger template. Many websites offer free Google AMP themes and you can also take a paid theme.

Download it and upload the template to your blog do not forget to back up the theme before uploading it so that there is no big deal.

##2   How To Write Post In Google AMP

Now your blog will be Google Amp. Now you will have to do the AMP tag like AMP Image, AMP Advanced Message, AMP Style AMP Video Sets.

Whenever you post your article will use the help option instead of the compose. For this first of all remove all the tags available in that page. Because the div tag already exists in it the AMP Page error. 

If you do not remove it then a negative tag will be triggered by the div tag so that your page will not index your page in the AMP. If you do not remove it then a negative tag will be triggered by the div tag so that your page will not index your page in the AMP.

After that you have to insert the image and add in the post also in the AMP. We will also tell you how this image can be inserted.

##3   Modify Old Post In AMP

If your blog is already posted and has an image or tag non-AMP then Reverse sleep in the search console. And it will not index it in Google AMP but it will be a show like a non-AMP page.

So if you want to show your blog with no page errors and want to show in all the pages of the website then edit the old post in modification and delete.

Like putting an image on an AMP removing div tag and style. Use AMP. If you still have any error then comment.

How To Create Google AMP Image

Use the AMP tag to create a Google AMP image. When we insert the image it is a non-AMP and her HTML code is <img src= …. </img> Wherever the Img is written it is to write an ampling.

<amp-img src="allonlinetricks.jpg" alt="allonlinetricks" height="450" width="700"></amp-img>

In this code you have to insert a link to your image in the inverted comma which is written As yoursite which is written in AllOnlinetricks.

Which you want to insert in the AMP image. and thus you can insert in the AMP image post.

How To Create Adsense AMP Ads

Firstly to copy the code below first copy the code below.


Now in this code which is written in ca-pub-12345678901234 you have to place your advertisement Google AdSense ads code on it which is given to every publisher. it called publisher ID.

And in addition to the ad slot the underlying comma's under number is to be removed from its add slot code. When you are editing or copying the ads it has the code This is your main unit Id.

How To Embed AMP Videos

First copy the code below to embed the videos.

<amp-video width="480"
<div fallback>
<p>Your browser doesn't support HTML5 video.</p>
<source type="video/webm"

Now replace the code given at the time with the URL of your video. In the same way you can do YouTube tab in the AMP. Its code is here>>

width="480" height="270"></amp-youtube>

Now in this code you have to replenish the Id of Video in the video Id. Now your AMP in YouTube.

Friends hopefully you have liked this post. If you have a doubt in it then you can ask questions in the comment.

As Always Thanks For Reading This Post.
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