Top 10 Mobile Phone Heating Problem and Solution

Top 10 Mobile Phone Heating Problem and Solution - Does overheating problem come with your smartphone, does your phone get hot again? Do you know this is a serious problem. Do you feel scared? I do not know what will happen or what will not happen to me.

You need to be careful or say that you need to remember some things. We are going to tell you some things like which your phone gets hot If the tips given by me in the same point I Hope Phone will be very warm and probably will not be too hot.

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Top 10 Mobile Phone Heating Problem and Solution

##1 Don't Use Too Many Apps At Once Time 

If you are using too many apps at once then your phone must be cleaned. You just need to apply the application to him because many apps are loaded too much on the mobile because I would like to tell you in a simple way.

If you eat 100 grams of Food then if i am give you 250 grams food to you then what will happen to you.Do you Know ? I think you remembered this. As well as This is the problem we apply the same condition in the smartphones.

##2 Don't Use Internet Too

Continuous use of the net even when your phone gets hot In such a case if there is no work done on your net then off / stop your WiFi or mobile data.

You know that a man should be given a job and it should be told that you should keep fighting So man will find you also to relax this problem happens with the phone people keep using on the phone every day Which is quite harmful to the phone So friends do not constantly phone you your smartphone will be quite safe.

##3 Use Phone Cover

The cover for the security of the smartphone is to do it even the most common man does it. You will be seen with very little smartphones without but the phone is more likely to be hot due to the fact that the phone is not overloaded.

##4 Using of Old Battery

If your phone's battery is too old It is obvious that there will be an overheating problem in the phone In such a situation from time to time changing the phone's battery The power of the phone is the battery.

##5 Don't Use Phone During Charging

Some people are tired of the habit that they can not leave the phone If the phone's battery is too end then the phone is constantly used on charging Let you know that by doing so the phone's battery and processor gets hot.

Because one has been charged in charge he is getting warm from it and if you do it in the same way then there will be no heating problems in the mobile.

##6 Don't Use Heavy Game  

If you are interested in playing games then remembered heavy game makes the phone warm up quickly. So you can keep your phone safe by yourself and it is very important to keep these points.

There should be good RAM for the heavy game or you use the computer so that it will be better.

##7 Don't Use Cheap Charger OR Battery

Whenever a battery or charger carries it to a brand Like many branded companies such as Samsung, Mi, Sony, Apples Apart from this there may be a heating problem in the phone the old one says nothing cheap is good.

##8  Phone Heat On Calling

During calling if the phone is hot with the speaker then reset the phone to the factory once Factory data reset will be found in the phone's settings and in the backup and reset if your problem is not solved you can go to the service center.

##9  Due To Full Memory 

Occasionally this problem can be caused by full memory of the phone's internal memory Delayed such unwanted filters from internal memory and kept your memory in excess of the space with more space.

##10  If Your Phone New

The phone gets hot even if your phone is new and is in warranty Then replacing the phone without any setting because it is better than that.

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