12 Security Tips To Protect WhatsApp From Hacking

12 Security Tips To Protect WhatsApp From Hacking  WhatsApp Use more than 200 million users in India. In such a way there is a big issue to protect against WhatsApp security and hacking it. In this post I am telling the top 12 WhatsApp Security Tips to Avoid Hacking. By doing so you can save WhatsApp from hackers in your Android mobile smartphone.

WhatsApp company claims that the end-to-end encryption security keeps the user's data secure But still many people have hack WhatsApp account hacks and their data is leaked.

WhatsApp can also be hacked. hackers can hack it from the physical medium. But there are many features in WhatsApp that you can use to secure your WhatsApp App.

12 Security Tips To Protect WhatsApp From Hacking 

WhatsApp users use more than 1.2 million users in the messenger app in All World and many hackers keep looking into hacking it. Hackers hack what hackers hack into your smart phone's complete details in following :-

Nothing Impossible In The Internet World Anyone can have an account, site, app hack. That is why if you walk on WhatsApp follow the tips to prevent WhatsApp from hacking.

12 Tips to Avoid Whatsapp Hacking

By following these 12+ tips you can also secure your mobile phone with your WhatsApp.

##1  Logout WhatsApp Account

Whenever you have a computer in your computer (desktop / laptop), you can login to WhatsApp web or someone else's mobile device.So do not forget to logout after use so that you do not have any issues with the Future.

If possible then use WhatsApp in Personal PC or Laptop otherwise ignore it. Never use WhatsApp Web in Cyber Cafe or Any Other Local Network.

##2  Disable Auto Download

Always discontinue the WhatsApp ​​Auto Download feature which makes Unknown and Extra files automatically download. You Can Download Your Files Manually then you can't get any problem.

As I mentioned in 3rd points do not open any file the file download is downloaded when the auto-download feature is enabled by opening the message.

##3  Don't Open Unknown Files

You must have heard of Fake News some time ago in the same way Hackers try to hack into WhatsApp by hearing him.

Malware comes to your phone as soon as you open the saved file in a message and then Hackers hack the phone. 

Not only unknown files do not even open unknown messaging in mobile Hackers can get OTP by accessing your phone.

##4  Block Unknown Person

WhatsApp is Available To Talk Friends, Family, Relative, Only add people you know. If you ever see an unknown person you should block it immediately.

##5  Don't Use Third Party App

WhatsApp is a very good mobile app for chatting online, which is available in Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac Etc.

But this gives us limited features and some third-party apps provide us the WhatsApp Extras Features. Using them is like hacker inviting.

I always suggest you Download WhatsApp Officially From Google Play Store and never use any third party App So that your Data will be Secured.

##6  Always Use Updated App

Whenever there is a new update in WhatsApp then update the app and always use the Updated WhatsApp messenger.

Do not take risks for 20-50 MB Deduction and do not make mistakes in updating WhatsApp or else the value will be known after hacking.

##7  Customize Privacy Setting

Set up WhatsApp settings according to your own accord. Publicize what is to be hedged and what is public.

Also before using any application read its Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy so that you can know what access this app provides.

##8 Customize Privacy Setting

Never use public WiFi free WiFi to run WhatsApp Use of free Wi-Fi on any unknown location can be dangerous for you.

Hackers can hack your smartphone via WiFi connection and you can access your WhatsApp chats via your unique MAC address.

##9 Lock WhatsApp

Keep your phone's WhatApp lock with password, PIN and pattern so that no one other than you can access your WhatsApp details. 

If there is a finger sensor then use it. Strong password to do it.

##10 Enable 2 Step Verification 

The best way to secure WhatsApp is to make sure you have WhatsApp 2 step verification. This will require a dot code whenever someone tries to login your account which you just have.

If you have not yet made Tow Step verification in WhatsApp then follow the step of this post and do it now.

##11 Safe Your Phone From Hacking

When your mobile is hacked then your WhatsApp data all information will also be hacked. That is why it is important to avoid getting hacking so that you can save your phone from hacking.

##12 Send File Carefully

Whenever you need to send images, audio, text, PDF file, video, contact, location, word file to WhatsApp So check that you are sending the file to which you are sending it. Sometimes the message gets sent to someone else in a row.

With these 12 ways you can save your WhatsApp from being hacked you can save from hacker Do  take hacking Normal and get your 5 minute time to securing your mobile so that you do not have any hacking problem.

If you want your friends, family, members and relatives to remain WhatsApp secure then share this article with them.

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