4 Simple Step To Upload Videos On YouTube

Hello Friends YouTube is a very simple and free way to make money online. And we also first knew how to earn money from YouTube. Many of my friends want to earn money from YouTube. But they do not know how to upload their videos to YouTube today we will know How to upload videos to YouTube.

4 Simple Step To Upload Videos On YouTube


4 Simple Step To Upload Videos On YouTube

Follow me step by step. If there is some problem then you can comment.

Step 1.

Login To YouTube Account By Computer (**There is a different way to upload in mobile. If you want to know the bo, tell us through the comment.**)

Step 2.

After Login Click On The Upload Button.

Step 3.

A new page will open on uploading You have to put your video here.

1. If you select your video by clicking here on your computer, then the video will start uploading.

2. If any of your videos are on Google + then you can put it on Direct YouTube.

3. Direct you record by your webcam and you can put it on YouTube.

4. If you want to make a slideshow of your images then click here to select your photo. You will get more information about this later.

5. You can put your live video on YouTube while video chat with Google +.

6. You can edit the video you have already uploaded by visiting it here. I will tell you later on how to edit.

**You hold the video with your computer mouse and leave it on the uploaded screen. Video uploading will start.**

Step 4. 

A new page will open as soon as your video upload begins. You do not have to close this page until your video is fully uploaded.

1. You show up here how much of your video was uploaded.

2. You have to put a butterfly of your video here. (Video name)

3. Write about the video - what is in the video and what is the video about.

4. Here are the tags on which the topic is your video.

5. When your video is uploaded 3 images out of your video will be here. You selected one of them. This image appears before the start of the video. Here we can also upload our own image.

6. Here you can set the angle to view this video. If you say that the whole world sees your video then public will.

7. From here you can direct this video to Google+ and Twitter.

8. You can create playlists here Playlists mean that you can make a playlist (group) of many videos on the same topic.

9. When you fill out the details of your video and the video is uploaded, then click on the Publish button. Your video has now been uploaded to YouTube.

10. Click here to view your uploaded video.

11. If you want to upload more videos click here then click here.

The video that you are uploading correctly when it comes to searching and setting the settings and the details it comes in search. So you have to keep your eye on it too. Here's how to make a YouTube video setting.

Friends we know how to upload videos. Now let's know how to start earning money after uploading videos from YouTube.

So Friends I hope you remembered 4 Simple Step To Upload Videos On YouTube if you have any question, any doubt and any suggestion then you can comment here i try to solve it.  

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