6 Tips To Secure Gmail Account From Hackers

6 Tips To Secure Gmail Account Form Hackers Hello Friends We will talk about this security which is very important. For every one. You must have heard hacking / hack, which means opening someone else's account without his permission and making problem to him. To say if someone hacks our account so that he can do anything in our Account.

6 Tips To Secure Gmail Account From Hackers

In my last post I can Explain you 12 Security Tips To Protect WhatsApp From Hacking and today in this post we will see how we can prevent our Gmail account From hacking and how can his security grow bigger which is also necessary.

You will know how important the security of the Gmail account but in a thing I tell you if our Gmail hacks so he can do anything with our Gmail Account and if you work Online and your Important Data is Online then security is very important for you. If someone hacks our Gmail ID, then he can do whatever and he Also get our other Google's account.

What Will Happen If Gmail Id is Hacked

If any of our Gmail Id is Hacks then we can't get any benefits, then there is nothing to be done but still we can see what can be the damage if our gmail ID Will Be Hacked :-

1. If we have a blog on blogger then it will be hacked

2. If we have Channel on YouTube Then It will be hacked

3. If we have Account Adsense then it will also hacked

4. Blogger Account Hacked

5. Google+ Social Account Hacked

6. Our Private File Will Hacked

7. Our Private Mails Will be hacked 

8. Google Drive hacked

9. Private Photo On Google Photos Will hacked

10. All Account Related To Gmail ID Will be Hacked 

In Simple Language if our gmail id will be hacked then and someone get our gmail id password then So our service to Google and wherever we have created an account with our email id will be hacked.

In simple words we will lose all the id or account we have online So if you say this is never so then you will have to read this post in which we will see how we can enhance the security of our Gmail account so that you can safe your Gmail ID From hacking.

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6 Tips To Secure Gmail Account Form Hackers

In one thing let us tell you anything online is not 100% secure. Whether it is a normal account of someone or a bank account. We have to keep our security day by day on our own accounts. Whenever we can save our account from hacking.

So let's see what we can do to avoid hacking our Gmail account.

##1 Use Strong Password   

This is the first point that we have to keep our account password strong. What many people do here make mistakes they keep an easy password Or keep the mobile number of itself as password. Which is a very big absurdity.

So if you think that your Gmail password is easy then you can change it immediately.

How To Change Gmail Id Password  
1. Sign In To My Account

2. Select Sign-In Security

3. Now Select On Password

4. Now You Need To Again Enter Your Password

5. Now A New Page Open You Need To Enter New password

##2 Never Use Gmail Password Anywhere
What do many people do that have their own password then can enter same password everywhere. because due to fear of Forget. But in such a situation if you created your account on a site and the password was made then the owner of the site can hack your Gmail account Or they can share your information with anyone that we never say So always give him different passwords. If you forget your password then you can use some software like LastPass.

##3 Alaways Sign Out Gmail ID

Sometimes we sign in our account and forget to sign out. In such a case one can wrongly use our account. Then always sign out.

##4 Remotely Sign Out

If you have logged in anywhere and you forgot to logout then you can remotely sign out form everywhere.

To Remotely Logout For Our Account We need to go on Down Corner and go to Details option and click there after that a popup will open where you can see your login details in this You need to Click on Sign Out All Web session and your Gmail Account Will Be Logout from all other sources.

##5 Enable 2 Step Verification

If the Gmail account is to be prevented from hacking then it is also very important to have a strong password as well as 2 step verification. So even after knowing the password we can not access an account.

##6 Safe From Phishing

Fishing is the most popular way of hacking in which the hacker creates a faked login page. Whereas the user enters his id and password he goes to the hacker.

The way to avoid phishing is to check the URL well before logging In and do not login by clicking on any unknown link.

Check Up Gmail Security

The account is not Secure and if there is some risk then check the Google Account Security to check it. Please visit the following link to get it CLICK HERE

First of all you have to login to a Gmail account, then the first option is to use third party access. Here's the list of apps that can access the account. If there is an app that you do not do it or if it is not trusted so remove it.

Now check the logins device which contains the logins. If there is a device that does not belong to you then remove it immediately.

After checking this check the recent account activity. There was nothing like this in the account where there is a risk.

Like if the recover option is checked in the last or the password is bad enough so it will appear here Whatever comes if you have done it then there is no tension.

Let's check if they have 2 step verification in the last. Here are other backup options for 2 step verification. So that the account can be accessed in another way.

In this way you can keep your Gmail account secure and prevent hacking. The points mentioned above have to be kept constant. Keep this balance with him :-

1. Update Your Browser

2. Use Good Antivirus In Computer

3. Check HTTPS in URL

4. Check Email Attachments Before Opening It.

5. Add Recovery Option

6. Add Security Question

If your gmail account will be hacked then you must need to remembered that your All Account In Hacking Risk.

I Hope You Will Remember 6 Tips To Secure Gmail Account Form Hackers or How It is Important to secure our Google Gmail Accounts.

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