Create Facebook Like Page For Blog Website - 5 Simple Step

Hello Friends You know that Facebook is the world's most popular website and with the help of this we can stay connected with our friends.Which will also have your fb account. Today we will know how to create your Facebook page for Facebook for Business or for Entertainment.

Create Facebook Like Page For Blog Website - 5 Simple Step

If you have any online business and you do not have a page then you are making a big mistake. If there's an easy way to promote your Business in today's time then it is Facebook page. Similarly other social networking sites also promote your Business such as Google + Page and Twitter.

So let's not waste too much time on our topic, And know how the Facebook page is made.

What We Need For Facebook Page

If you do not have an account on Facebook, then you should first create an account on your Facebook page for Facebook page.

Create Facebook Like Page For Blog Website - 5 Simple Step

To create a page you first have to login to your Facebook account. After logging on to Facebook follow the steps given below to learn how to create a page on Facebook.

Step 1.

In the Facebook account click on the right side of the hand side click on it then click on the Create page.

Step 2.

Now the next page will open on it there will be some category on it from which you will have to select one category for your page.

1. Local Business or Place :- If you are making a Facebook page for any of your shops or any local business, then select this category and then fill your details with it.

2. Company, Organization or Institution :- If you have any company or institution then select this category.

3. Brand Or Product :-  If you want to make a product or a brand page then select it. Like if you want to create a page for your website select it.

4. Artist, Band or Public Figure :- In this category we make a great celebrity page. Like hero-heroin if you are an artist and you can also share your talents by creating a page.

5. Entertainment :- You must have understood what is in this category☺ In this select for a topic like Movie, Songs, Books. If you want to entertain people then select them.

6. Cause or Community :- In this category we create pages on any topic and share it. In this we can also create a community which will be able to post all the people who will be in that community while others do not have this in the pages of category.

So now you understand that in which category you have to make your page. If there is a duality that the category for the page is correct, do not tension we can change the page's category later.

1. Click On Menu of Drop-Down

2. Select The Website ( I am Creating For Blog So I Select this you can do same if you want to create page for blog or website )

3. Enter Page Name

4. Click On Get Started

Step 3.

Now you can come on Another Page

1. You write about 2 lines of page what's on your page so people can read it and understand your page.

2. Enter your website link here.

3. Click On Save Info.

Step 4.

In the next step you have to select a profile picture for your page. If you wish you can skip this step and after that you can select from your image.

1. Upload Your Photo from your computer.

2. If you any online image then enter the link of image.

Step 5.

1. If you would like to add this page to your favorites then click on the ads then favorites. Favorite section is on your Facebook home page.

2. Otherwise click on skip.

Step 6.

In this page you will be asked that you can see an angle on this page :-

1. Location :- In this you can enter the country, or any city. The place you select will be able to see and follow your page.

2. Age :- Here you can select which of the age-old people you see on this page.

3. Gender :- In this you select that your page is seen only by the man or woman or both.

4. Interests :- In this section you can select your interactive page.

5. Skip :- If you do not see all these settings so click on the button of skip. I will suggest you to skip so that everyone in the world can see your page and be able to do it.

Congratulation ! Your Facebook Page Is Ready.

Our Facebook page is now ready and you know how to create a page.

We will learn more about how we manage this and we will also learn how to increase the written on Facebook page.

Why Facebook Page Is Important 

As we know today social media is the only way through which we can do a free promotion of any of our products and direct any information to the people. So if you have any business then make her page today and send your business Direct to people for free.

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So Friends I hope you remembered Create Facebook Like Page For Blog Website - 5 Simple Step if you have any question, any doubt and any suggestion then you can comment here i try to solve it.  

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