7 Simple Steps To Enable Google Gmail 2 Step Verification [Security Tips]

Hello Friends Internet how easy it is to make our life easier and all the advantages of the internet have some disadvantages. Hacking .. Yes if someone hacks our account, then there can be a great loss.
7 Simple Steps To Enable Google Gmail 2 Step Verification [Security Tips]

The Google Gmail account is not needed to tell how much it is necessary and how much space it does have. To create an account on Facebook, to create an account on Twitter or to create an account on any site, we need email id. that we can create on google gmail.

If we forget the password of any account, then we have a password password and then the link to change our account password comes to our email. Meaning if our Gmail account is hacked then all our accounts can be hacked.

We would never want to have any of our accounts hacked. So for that we have to double the security of our Google Gmail account.

In order to double the security of the Gmail account, we need to enable 2-step verification in the Gmail account. Then whenever we login there will be a drop on our mobile and we will be able to log in after entering it.

NOTE :- If you do any work online Like YouTube has a channel your blog is on Blogger or any account on the internet that you created from the Google Gmail ID They can all be hacked. It becomes a bit more important for us to secure a Google Account From a common person.

Enable Google Gmail 2 Step Verification

Step 1:

First Go To Google 2 Step Verification Code

Step 2:

Now you need to login in your Google Gmail Account

Step 3:

To Start 2 Step Verification Click On GET STARTED Button

Step 4:

Now Again Enter Your Gmail Account Password

Step 5:

Now You Can get a new page you need to enter some details Like.

1. Your Mobile Number

2. To Verification you can get a OTP so select your Verification method Call OR Text Message From Menu.

3. then click on TRY IT 

Step 6:

1. We can get a OTP (One Time Password) On Our Phone.

2. Enter The OTP

3. Click On NEXT

Step 7:

Now the page will open you need to click on TURN ON 

So now our 2-step Verification has been started in our Google Account you can see it. If you have to turn off 2 step verification by clicking on the button.

IMPORTANT THINGS :- Sometimes it may be that you are signing in to your Google Account and you do not have your mobile or it has been stolen on which dot code it comes. In such a situation we will not be able to sign them in our account. To avoid this we have the second option of 2 step verification.

Other Options of 2 Step Verification

1. Backup Code :- In this we get 10 codes which we can do by logging it if we get the code on mobile He is not able to do it then We can keep these codes alive or even put them in our wallet.

2. Authenticator App :- This app is available on both Android and iOS. If we have a smartphone we can keep the app installed in our mobile Then whenever we login we can also see the code for the vihrification, by looking at the app.

3. Backup Phone :- In this we can also add another mobile number, So that if we do not have our first number then we can do verify with the second number.

4. Security Key :- It is a USB Token Key. Which we can verify with our account and then whenever we log in to our Google account and as soon as they install the computer.The 2 step verification which will be automatic. 

5. Device You Trust :- In this option we can see the device on which we have ever logged in and if he is not us then we can remove him so that if anyone can login double in our account then system can ask Verification code. 

Friends now you've doubled the security of your Google Account.

Now you will need to enter verification code whenever you login to your Google Account. Whenever you will be able to log in to your account. So even if your password is known to anyone then there is no scary thing. This will come after email id and its password.

1. Enter Verification Code.

2. Click On Done Button.

3. If the computer you are logging in is yours and you say that you do not want to get the code in it, then you can tick it in.Do not ever tick.

Friends now hacking your account will not be easy for any hacker. Simply we can eat now that hacking our Google account is no longer possible.

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So Friends I hope you remembered 7 Simple Steps To Enable Google Gmail 2 Step Verification [Security Tips] if you have any question, any doubt and any suggestion then you can comment here i try to solve it.  

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