How To Make and Add Favicon Icon In Blogger Blog

When we open a website or blog,in the link bar of the browser there is a top-of-the-line icon icon on the left side which is called Website Favicon. Blogger Icon is the identity of the blog. Anyone can recognize our blog as a friend and if there is no problem going to your blog when the multiply tabs are open in the browser. So in this post I am giving you details of how to add a favicon icon in the blogspot blog. So Follow this post.

It is very important to have your site icon to make a blog professional. The look of your site on without Favicon will look useless. By setting the icon on the site both your readers and search engines will be able to pick up your site. The best thing is that the reader will not have any problem recognizing your site when a lot of tabs open in the browser.

What is Website Favicon ? Importance of Favicon in Blog Website

The site favicon has a website that is popular or you have a website so that is important for the site. When I go to the site open the browser. The site icon also shows the site icon in the top of the browser it is called the favicon of the site itself.

It is very important to have a different favicon on the site to make a website different. With this any new user can easily identify your website. and identify your site So let us know how to favicon ad in blogspot Blogger blog.

How To Add Favicon in Blogger Blog 

Before you add a favicon to the blogspot blog you may have come to know what is the benefit of adding icons to the site So let us now know how to add a site icon in the blog. It is very simple to add favicon to a blogger blog. And after reading this post you can also easily add the site icon to your blog.

STEP 1::

First go to the website and create a good icon for your site. You can also create icons from any other website or photo editor software such as Photoshop.

But the size of icon is must be 16x16, 32x32 OR 150*150. If there is more size the icon show will not be there and if it does it will not look right and if the favicon has more size then it also makes a difference to your site's loading speed.

1. First you can go to and open your blog dashboard.

2. Now In Drop down menu Click On Layout Option.

3. Now Click on Edit Option in Favicon Icon.

STEP 2::     

Now a window like this will open in front of you. Here you can set the favicon in your blogspot blog by following following steps :-

1. Select the icon you created from your computer, laptop, by clicking on the Choose File Option.

2. After Selecting Photo Click On Save Option. Now you will again reached on your Blog Layout.

3. In Last Click On Save Arrangement.

After clicking on Save the favicon icon will be added to your blog. Now anyone can identify your site. So Friends can easily add icons to your blogspot blog and you can change the look of your blog.

Now whenever a user wants to read your post again So it can easily open your site by looking at your site's icon in your browser's history. 

If your blog still is not showing a favicon icon then repeat this process again or read this post carefully or you can delete or clear browser history, cookies and cache file and open your blog you can see your Favicon Icon.

I hope you can like this information about How To Make and Add Favicon Icon In Blogger Blog how you feel this post please comment below and if you any question or suggestion then also do comment or contact us.

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