How To Make a Youtube Video and Make Money Online

Hello friends today will talk about how to earn money from Youtube by uploading videos. If you are also searching on the internet how to earn money from YouTube, then this post has a lot of work to do. After completing this post your search will be completed today. Everybody knows something or something about the truthful Youtube. But many of them do not know that new girls are not able to earn money from Youtube.

How To Make a Youtube Video and Make Money Online

So be sure to read this post because today we will learn how to earn money from YouTube by uploading the video.

Lots of people from YouTube are earning millions of rupees with easily. If you think that this can not happen then you are absolutely wrong because you can do it too. For that you have to follow some rules of Youtube, following which you can also make your channel on YouTube and earn money by uploading the video. If you want to make your channel and If you want to earn more money keep reading this post Learn more about how to earn money from YouTube.

YouTube is the world's largest video website, on which millions of people have watched the YouTube channel when millions of people watch the video. Perhaps you have made your own channel and uploaded videos to it and if you have not made the channel yet It does not matter because today I am telling you this in this post.

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How To Make a Youtube Video and Make Money Online

If you have already made your YouTube channel So maybe you do not like these posts but once you read the whole post So let's start how to make YouTube channels.

To create a YouTube channel you will need your Gmail ID if you have not created your Gmail account then create it by going to

How To Create A YouTube Channel

Creating channels on YouTube is simple. Follow the steps of this post and you can create your channel in 5 minutes.


First of all, go to the YouTube website by typing into your browser. After the YouTube Open, click on the People icon above the right side.

After clicking on the People icon, a box will open as we have explained in the screenshot. In this, click on the Settings option.

1. Click On Profile Picture

2. Click On Settings.


Now the page will seen you need to click on See my all channel or create a new channel.

1. Click On See my all channel or create a new channel.


Now click on Create a new channel


After clicking on Create a New Channel a new page will open In that Google will ask you to create a new channel, the name you want to create your channel here is filename or click on create option.

1. Enter Channel Name

2. After that click on create button.


Your channel will be created on YouTube as you click on Create.  Now Google will ask you for a mobile number to verify the channel.

1. Add your mobile number.

2. choose verification method, if you want OTP then click on text message (SMS) or if you want to OTP by call then click on Voice Call.

3. Click On Continue.


The page that will open now you have to add the verification code. There will be a code on your phone number the same code here is to be added here. Add the OTP code and verify your youtube channel.

1. Add OTP Password

2. Click On Continue


Now you will reach the home page of your created channel. 

You can add any image photo on your channel by clicking on Ad channel art you can also do this in the wrong. So in this way you can also make your channel on YouTube.

Now you've got your channel on YouTube but now you have to know how to upload videos to YouTube. So let's know how to upload videos to YouTube.

How To Upload Videos On YouTube

To upload the video click on the upload icon at the right side. 

1. Click on Upload Icon in Top Right.

After that you will open a popup window from here, from here you can easily upload your video to the channel.

1. Select Files to Upload :- You can click here to select your video from your computer or pick up the mouse and move it here. As soon as you select your video, the video will start uploading.

2. Import :- If your video is in Google Photos you can upload your video by clicking here.

3. Get Started :- By clicking on the Get Started option, you can upload a video from your camera and upload it.

4. You can move the video by picking the video from your computer with the mouse cursor.

Generally you can choose the uploaded files and select the files. Now as soon as you click there and select your video from a computer your video will start uploading immediately after that. Which you can see in the bottom page.      

Here you can watch your video uploading. From here you can write about your video about how your video is and what it contains.

1. From here you can see that how many percent uploaded your video has uploaded to this page.

2. In this option you can fill your video name. 

3. In this option you have to write about 150 videos of your video about what your video is about and what is in this video.

4. From here you can add related tags to your video.

5. You have to set up this by going to the public option who can see your video. Who can not see if you have made these videos for everyone stay in the public.

6. If you want to leave a masseuse with your video then you can add those messages here.

7. In this option you can add your video to the playlist.

8. After uploading the video you can choose one of the 3 thumbnails below for your video.

9. After filing the complete information of your video, click on the Publish button.

10. By clicking on the option of Video Manager here you can see whether your video is on your channel or not.

11. If you want to upload another video now you can do this by clicking on Ad More Video option.

As soon as you click on the button of the publication the video will appear on your channel. So in this way you can also create and upload videos on your channel. Very easily if you have not understood anything yet tell it in the comment. 

Friends now you have also learned to make a YouTube channel and how to upload videos to it You have also learned this but you have one thing and the fact that the video we upload to YouTube. Let's know how our income is from them.

How We Can Earn Money By Uploading Video In YouTube

You must monetize your YouTube channel in order to do Earning with Video. After uploading the videos there will be an adverse show on your video. You will earn from these advertisements.

Now you know how earnings will be done. The question now is how will our income be ? Actually your income will earn 2 types of videos on YouTube.

1. When a user clicks the Ads show on your video.

2. Your earnings will be increase when you promote an affiliate product on your video.

So Friends you can earn by uploading videos to YouTube and if you still have a problem getting money from YouTube you can tell in the comment.

If you do not have an interest in YouTube and you do not want to make money from YouTube then you should read our post. How to Make Free Blog and Make Money Online In this post details are given from the details of creating free website blogs. You can make money by making your blog and commenting for more information.

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