How To Send Message To All Group and Friends at Once in WhatsApp

Whatsapp today is the most powerful messenger in the world of Internet. Today more than 1 billion people in the world use WhatsApp. You probably know well about WhatsApp Therefore, WhatsApp also does not disappoint his user he keeps adding some great features to his user Which makes us whopping WipePap fun twice and so far there is hardly any messenger like WhatsApp which is so ugly and so great.

How To Send Message To All Group and Friends at Once in WhatsApp

WhatsApp recently added a feature to its messenger. In which you can send a message to all the groups by clicking one. Earlier this was not a facility due to this a mosque had to copy each of the group by opening every group. But now with the arrival of this new feature you can easily send a message to your group without opening it.

The one who uses the WhatsApp regularly has at least 30-40 groups and if an emergency mortgage is to be sent to a group. So he has a lot of trouble and this is a very bullring job. But now it is not. If you do any online business or any online part time work so i think you also use whatsapp and you can join any group after that youer product will promote.In the same way I have more than 150 members of my visitor in which my number is added.

Whenever I sent my post to a WhatsApp group in the past I used to send about 1 hour to all groups and I used to feel a lot of boring and you also know that nobody has the time nowadays so that this features of whatsapp is very good for me. Now in just one time I select and send all the groups so that my post goes to my visitor.

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This also makes the website traffic even better. So if you also do blogging please update WhatsApp right now.

How To Send Message To All Group and Friends at Once in WhatsApp 

In order to send all the groups together in WhatsApp you must first update your account. As soon as the update is done you will find some other small features that will be of your own work. Once installed select a mouse and click on foreword now all your contacts will be open. Select the person whom you want to send and send it. All Done ! your work is complete Now your muscle has gone to all.

This feature of WhatsApp will be very useful for those people who do business or work in MLM (Multi Level Marketing). They have to send their message to every group and then they can promote their business. So for them this is a lot of work. 

Along with that which is add to the 20-30 group on WhatsApp. This is also a work for them because there is a good tool So we send it to all the groups.

But someone does not have such time then you should update all your WhatsApp account and enjoy this feature.You are connected to me in this way for new information about the internet.

NOTE :- This Features is Not Working on Update from 4.0.3 So I Request You To Please Use Old Version Of WhatsApp Messenger. 

So Friends I hope you remembered How To Send Message To All Group and Friends at Once in WhatsApp if you have any question, any doubt and any suggestion then you can comment here i try to solve it.  

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