Never Use GB WhatsApp - Do not Use GB WhatsApp

Never Use GB WhatsApp - Do not Use GB WhatsApp Hello friends my name is Tushar Founder of AllOnlinetricks and today I am going to give you all some information about GB WhatsApp that you should run GB WhatsApp or else let's know.

So to speak there is a lot of unofficial WhatsApp apk like WhatsApp. People who are also installing and also using it. GB WHATSAPP, whatsapp plus, whatsapp gold If you have installed all these apps then you have been hacked how we will tell you everything next.

If you are talking then there are a lot of app running in the market which tells you that they will give you an additional feature and because of which people also do it and they install it too for example, We takes GB WhatsApp for example if you do If you use it then you get lots of features inside it.

As if you send a message to someone your name will be written online and you can hide it and if you type something then the front is typed typing then you can hide it, it also features Auto Response. It also means that if you send a hello then the automatic send it to him you do not have to type it yourself there is also a DND feature inside it, if you turn on if your mobile Even ON the Internet.

Then neither you nor any message will come in your WhatsApp nor will it change in the theme and change the color of everybody's icon. This means that the features which are not giving you the original WhatsApp it is worth the fee Gives WhatsApp.

So here it comes to the point that if we get so many freebies in free, then why should not we use it. First of all it is the fact that this app is that it is unofficial original WhatsApp and you will not get it on the playstore nor have an official website. It is a developer by omer it runs an Arabian Arabic website. 

This developer has created this whole app and has brought this app into full circulation. It means to bring so many features in free which is the Indian people and there are also many people then they all thought that this is the best thing. I will install it and tell my friends then he will think that so many features are not in my WhatsApp How come in His WhatsApp.

So omer name user did what was done by making the apk file of GB WHATSAPP and posted it on different websites and you have to install the app and install the app by tapping unknown source then it became such a thing that If I changed the SBI App and BHIM UPI's duplicate app and changed its colors and themes and given you the pin of your transaction you gave it to you that you will install it and you will not have to apply the pressure pin to it. You will receive transaction What would you do.

This does not mean that if I use this app then my PIN and my bank's details will go to it then if you do not use it then your common thinks will burn here because your financial loss is happening.

But when it comes to WhatsApp you do it someone who made a fake apk and made a paste in the website and you started enjoying the installation of it and do not even know what its official website is angle-angle behind it. And you install it and you whistle and see that there are new features in my WhatsApp.

So the thing is that if you are installing such apps you are hacking yourself. What is WhatsApp is what the API uses. It means that if I send a message to someone then it is an API hit behind it and what is the name of WhatsApp The server goes up and it is the message delivery from it.

So what did these apps do to mitigate these APIs when they got the API key from that website and gave you a new app and this means what you used to do is get a GB WhatsApp name between the server of WhatsApp The app will come and the video you are sending is sending photos, all this will record the GB WhatsApp.

You say that I end up encryption in WhatsApp and can read by encrypting the message but in the middle and no one else can not read correctly but you have already recorded the GB WhatApp before sending your message. GB WHATSAPP is hitting the API key from behind meaning that you can record what you are sending from the back and maybe even if you are chatting what you are sending and All data it has records on that.

So after all these your privacy gets done but what happens in India is that no one in India does not run their minds. Everyone speaks that friends we are open book, what we hide from anyone, but listen to the Friends. Take GB WHATSAPP Take whatsapp gold, take WhatsApp Plus or if you have not downloaded it separately from the Play Store, it means that you are in your house Make inroads into the sit logo which your CCTV Camera Gallery favorite photos can be uploaded.

You will not even know what data is removed from your phone if you talk about it then do not even use the official app of Facebook because recently it was a matter of stolen Facebook data because Facebook Taking personal data does not even use Google Assistant Why when we say OK Google is listening to it and recording it may be that he is also on my other side Rick Rd doing.  So that i am not trusted company like Google and Facebook do it.

But you guys go to such fake websites to install fake files on your phone and when the details of your account will be hacked and private photos will leak, your private messes will leak, then you will say what happened what is it? It does not mean that you are just hacking you are also hacking the next.

So I mean to say that Friends you do not use any third party apps only then you will be safe. Hope you liked this unique post of mine. If you have questions from this post then you can ask and comment.

If you have any features of WhatsApp then you can use only the official App to use which can also be used on the Playstore, You can get 12 useful Tips for WhatsApp App Here.

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