Now Unblock Yourself From Someone Who Blocked You On WhatsApp

Does you girlfriend or best friends unblocked you on whatsapp. Hey, why do you need to be sad about it do not need to be sad? It will be very easy for you and a simple way. By which you can easily message your friend even if you have blocked by it on whatsapp.

Now Unblock Yourself From Someone Who Blocked You On WhatsApp

So by today we discuses a very simple and best tips for you about it. so friends without killing your time i can share you how you can unblock from someone who blocked you on whatsapp.

If you want to unblock from someone who blocked you on whatsapp then i know you can't believed it but it is true yes friends you can unblock from someone who can blocked you on whatsapp. Well after reading or knowing when you are able to do it you will be shocked just a few simple steps you have to do To be blocked from someone's on Whatsapp account.

This is seen more with girlfriends and boyfriends What happened a little bit mad girlfriends will block you but after reading this you never get this problem and by unblocking your self you can again you can able to message your girlfriend and again you can impressed him.

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How we can Confirm that anyone block me on whatsapp

1. First you can check that your friends profile picture will show on your screen or not. There is no need to do this maybe he has been hide her photo from setting even then 30% of the confusion will be removed.

2. after this you can the last seen of you friends whatsapp account that when he can online or offline. by doing this you 50% of confusion will be removed.

3. Check the status of your friends whatsapp number may be it can't be update her story and probably he can hide her stories. well we can removed 65% of our doubts in this 3 topic.

NOTE :- I can tell you 3 hide features of whatsapp that probably your friends do.😀

4. Now you send a message to your friend if they have blocked you then your message will be a single tick otherwise double tick will be appears.

NOTE :-  This is also not necessary it may have been closed by setting or its net pack is over due to which you have not been able to double your tick. maybe some other reason will be there but we can removed 90% of confusion.😏

Now I will share you a tips where you can removed your confusion 100% 😁.

5. You can create a DEMO WhatsApp Group then you can add some friends to your created group then you can add that friends whatsapp account where you doubt does he can blocked or not if seriously he can block your account then he can't add on that group that you will be created and if can't blocked you then he or she can easily added to the group.

Now you can follow our step to unblock yourself from your best friends.

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Now Unblock Yourself From Someone Who Blocked You On WhatsApp

STEP ::1::

First You Can Open Your WhatsApp Account.

STEP ::2::

Now Go To The Setting

STEP ::3::

Now You Click on Your Account.

STEP ::4::

Now Click on Delete My Account Option.

STEP ::5::

1. Enter Your Mobile Number.

2. Now Delete Your Account.
STEP ::6::

Then Uninstall You WhatsApp Messenger App.
STEP ::7::

Now Restart Your Device.

STEP ::8::

Now Go to playstore and again download and install WhatsApp.

STEP ::9::

Now Open WhatsApp Enter all necessary details that you enter on your whatsapp app before.

STEP ::10:: 

Congratulation ! Now you have fresh WhatsApp Account you can message him, shocked him and chat with your girlfriends and again impress him.😍

NOTE:- Day by Day WhatsApp Can Update her security on Internet then this trick will work on old whatsapp version so be aware of this and never disturb any person by using this method because it is come on cyber crime.

So Friends I hope you remembered Now Unblock Yourself From Someone Who Blocked You On WhatsApp if you have any question, any doubt and any suggestion then you can comment here i try to solve it.  

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