How To Book Confirm Ticket On Indian Railway

Hello Friends Today I'm going to tell you how to book a confirmed train ticket at E ticket in Indian Railway website. Where we can book online train tickets, In today's era it is quite smile to get the Confirm Train ticket.

If you want to travel far away you have to book your ticket 2-3 months before for Normal ticket. Only then can you get a confirm train ticket. If you want to go immediately, you will have to pay for it immediately.

How To Book Confirm Ticket On Indian Railway

In the instant ticket sometimes you can not get confirmation. In this situation you will have to book a normal waiting ticket.

It is very difficult to travel now in the local train. There is no place for people to stand in If you want to travel with your family then this is a very difficult task. 

Today I am going to tell you about a similar way in e ticket which is used by fewer people You can book Confirm Train tickets by breaking your journey, You mean you can reach your destination by changing your travel luck.

How To Book Confirm Ticket On Indian Railway

To book confirm Train ticket you will have to go to a railway website where you can find a seat in Confirm Train. You will also get tips on booking the confirmed train ticket to the website I am talking too.

By following these tips you can always book Confirm Tickets in any train.

Step 1:

First of all open a website in your browser is called

1. Type here the name of the place you want to travel by saying.

2. Select where you want to go here.

3. Select your journal date here.

4. Now click on search.

Step 2:

Now let's see the saddle of the train in front of you click on the train you want to travel.

1. Click On Train Name.

2. Click On Confirm TKT

Step 3:

After clicking on the Confirm TKT there are tips on how to book your train ticket train ticket.

So whenever you are booking a ticket then you visit this website. Following Confidentiality Tips, booking Confirm Tickets can be done in all trains.

So Friends I hope you remembered How To Book Confirm Ticket On Indian Railway if you have any question, any doubt and any suggestion then you can comment here i try to solve it.  

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