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How To Edit Video Without Any Software Latest Tricks 2018

How To Edit Video Without Any Software Latest Tricks 2018:- Hello Friends, Without Video Editing Software How To Edit Online Video? These questions will seem a bit strange to hear. But this is Possible and in today’s time you can edit Videos on Firefox, Chrome, Safari without having any Video Editor Software.How To Edit Video Without Any Software Latest Tricks
WeVideo Online Video Editing Tools
Here, we will talk about a Web Application through which Video can be edited on the Internet.WeVideo is an online & Android, Windows, Mac Video Creating & Editing Software. Available in both Free & Purchase versions and It can gets for the online 4 Platform.

1. For Business
2. For Life
3. For School
4. For YouTube Videos 

Free, Trial and Paid Version are available for all these four platforms, and all versions have their own features. With this, if you use Free Version or Trial Version, then your Publish Video will not be Watermark.

Features of  WeVideo

1. Motion Control
2. SlideShare
3. Slow Motion
4. Voice Over
5. Separate Audio & Video Timeline
6. Green Screen Effect 
7. Picture-in-Picture Effect

How To Edit Video with WeVideo Online Tool

If you want, you can install this software on a computer but this will make the performance of WeVideo slow. But its performance is good on the Online Browser So I will Explain You Step by Step Here.

STEP-1-  First, open on WeVideo Website Browser and create an account through Facebook, Google or Email.

STEP-2-  Select any of the categories of videos for which you want to create a videos on for life, for business, OR for school.

STEP-3-  Now click on the Start trial button (For e.g.- Start a Business trial, Start a teacher trial & start a personal trial).

STEP-4-  After clicking on the Trial button, Create a new Edit option and click on it with a Blank screen + Sign Button.


STEP-5- Now you will open the WeVideo Editing Dashboard and click here Import Video, photo, Music option and select any video you want to edit.

STEP-6- After adding the video, drag it to the timeline and add whatever you want like effect, text, transition.

STEP-7- After the Video Editing Process is done, click on the Finish option and set your Video title and click on the SET button.

STEP-8- Now select 720p, 1080p or 4k resolution whatever option you have to create video and click the Finish button, if you want, you can upload Direct video to any Social Networking site or Video Uploading Platform.

Friends, WeVideo Online Video Editing tool For all Basic or Advance Users, you can use it to create both personal and professional videos. Adding Text Effect to this Web Application or Video for 4K Resolution, which is not Possible from all Computer Editing Software.

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